Happy Birthday Yoges

Happy birthday to this girl @deborahy.
The yellow background is so apt. Don’t need to guess how old, there’s 3 candles on the cake so 3 years old.

Wishing her many exciting times ahead, and many firsts. Big 3 is where life really begins…!

😆😆 So happy when she got her present!


Like this!

Guess what we got her?

And ourselves.

Check out those KEDS!!!! it’s the keds x kate spade collection. We picked rose gold because we thought it’s gonna go well and not so “loud” on her skin colour. Rose gold is more muted the silver or gold right?

She immediately wore them already. hahaha. Cus it’s so comfy?! I was so shocked when i tried them on cus the base was so soft n cushioned.

we are the same shoe size (ionly found out recently?!) so i had to “try” the size first then buy.

Check out how pretty it looks, not like those chunky sneakers.

This year we really rack our brains for a present, and i didn’t want to get any house hold products cus how is bedsheets a bday present?!

Has anyone watches the doghouse video? If husband gives the wife a household appliance, he goes to the dog house to repent untill he realizes what he did wrong.

Mel suggested bedsheets which i violently objected haha! & then we ran through lots of possibilities for some time, and even untill the day before. We settled one 1 item but not “good” enough. Untill i was thinking like i’ve never seen her wearing sneakers before and if she needed new sandals or shoes. I always see her wearing some “hole-y” sandals, the same old one. & that we cld get her sneakers. (cus i been thinking abt getting myself a new pair of sneakers lol)

So mel suggested keds and there we went… and ended up shopping for ourselves also.

Is anyone else like this? Go shop for someone else then end up buying for yourself.

here’s me trying the rose gold for size, and then i wanted to get for myself. It was easy to get for yoges because of colour and what she won’t wear.

Then i like all, but i always look naked on rose gold.

Left rose gold, right silver. the lightning isn’t so gd here to see the rose gold (i think shadow is blocking) i always feel like rose gold totally blends into my skin colour or something..?

Couldn’t decided between these two, gold glitter more unique and pops, but the material is not as soft at the sides as the silver (leather i suppose) because it’s canvas and harder cus of the glitter.

I nearly got both…and decided i should just get 1 first. I got the gold glitter first and think if i decide i don’t want it in a few days, i can go exchange it.

I been wanting to get a white sneakers but can’t find a nice and light one. Been looking at common projects but so heavy?!

I’m in the short dress, and mel’s in the long dress – she just try rose gold for fun.

Do you ladies think that silver looks okay on me too? I thought i look better in the gold glitter but i also want something more subtle that i can easily slip on and go. Plus it’s softer and i think there’s no need to break into it or very minimal.

So… should i get another pair the silver one? or exchange the gold glitter to silver?

I’m usually in short dresses or shorts (denim n non denim).

of cus mel also had to get 1, then she say i’m such a bad influence when we go shopping together?! But i usually nv ask her to buy.. only try. She got the white canvas one cus she’s into “school shoes” now which i completely cannot appreciate and don’t understand hahaha i think it’s a style thing for arty people??

take 2

take 1.

We are seriously like a bunch of kids. No pun intended Lolol being excited over shoes and having same shoes.

We tried this at robinsons heeren, the gold glitter is $83 now on sale, usual is $119. The leather rose gold & silver is $139, and there’s 20% off now, so $111.

mel’s white canvas is something like $49 or $54? and it’s also has 20% off.

There’s white leather as well, exact same design just different material which i found more comfortable and super soft. Except i don’t like how it looks like school shoes… i def happy to graduate from wearing sch shoes that we need to “paint” white.

So anyway the shoe gift was a success! 🎉
she liked it so much, we actually didn’t take off the price tag because we were scared she didn’t like the colour and had to change. & she was also surprised at how we manage to shop for something without the person there (her) for something that is difficult to shop for. In general i think shoes are very difficult to buy for someone else, because it’s very personal taste.

Then aft lunch, we brought her to bynd artisan to custom a journal / diary. No photos because they were going to take some time to do the stamping of name on the journal cover. And we brought her there to let her decide because we couldn’t ahhaha. “pass the monkey”!

We had lunch at Fosters, holland village. Untill end of the year they have christmas set lunch menu that’s $22.90 (not yet include service n gst).

for soup, bread, main, dessert, coffee/tea/soft drink, i think it’s super reasonable. I always go for lunch set that’s $19.90 but only during christmas period the mains are different.

Choice of mains are a combo (ham, beef, turkey) or just the individual either ham, beef or turkey as the whole main. Most of us got combo to try everything LOL

okay show my face and cut off my hair because have not done my hair since feb and it’s a crazy shit mess now.

the mains portion i found abit small, like abit sad, i wished it was 1.5x more i think will be just nice. So i was greedy and i like their chicken wings there, so we ordered a basket of chicken wings to share but aft i was so full aft that Hahaha.

dessert is bread and butter pudding with sauce & vanilla ice cream. i wish it was larger hahaha. i love bread and butter pudding, i always look forward to this when we go buffets!

Then we took a photo outside bynd artisan Hahahaha in our keds. LOL. we are missing 2 girls in this photo! one in Uk, one in Shanghai.

Does gold glitter look okay on me? Hahaha still asking… I only wore it to take this photo and then put it back into the box because i’m not sure if i want to go exchange it to another colour.

Oh yes check out my hair it’s like a light colour bottom mane and super black curly crown.

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