Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

A little late but hope everyone had a great time with loved ones over the weekend!


We spent the eve with my family, these days it’s nice to have gatherings. Perhaps it is because i’ve moved out and most of the time i’m with myself or alvin. And the other most of the time with mel (on facetime) Lol.

And it felt nice to be with family again. I think i miss my family although my parents just watch TV in the living room and my sis just lies on her bed all day. but it’s different you know, knowing what they are up to is a comfort by itself.

It’s starting to feel like i crave for company in particular, colleagues. Although i know that having colleagues aren’t all that fun. (haha)

Last night i laid in bed, and looked around the master bedroom before shutting my eyes, wondering is this really MY room in MY house? It’s an odd feeling.


Today happy birthday Mel!


although she’s away in vietnam, we are gonna celebrate when she’s back, to welcome her to the big girls club.

Wishing that you will never act your age. Hahahaha.

Honestly, a little sad this year because we didnt get to celebrate christmas and the two dec babies bdays, which we did last year at V. I don’t know why, it feels odd not to. Maybe after celebrating with family, i want to celebrate with friends too. But we are meeting after everyone is back in Sg, hopefully still have christmassy vibes.

Unfortunately, our house isn’t all ready yet, it’s hard to host any group of friends for Christmas. Hopefully we can for CNY! Although i much prefer Christmas, the feel is all so different because celebrating for a reason that Jesus came, and it’s such an apt time to invite friends who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Meanwhile i will practice baking and cooking skills. 😂

26 -3

Today was only me having dinner myself, so i just did some chicken in the oven with small carrots and some asparagus. I think i over bake it so the chicken felt like abit dry.


for lunch i heated up the roast beef that i brought back from the gathering on the eve with salad – added apples and cherry tomato later. i was hungry after even thought i had this really late for lunch. although i thought beef would sustain the tummy. how does those people eat salad day and night only??


I tried making bread and butter pudding! I was feeling itchy to try something different on christmas because we just lounged at home and really had a good rest.


Used white bread, butter in between them, raisins, then soak them in a mixture of milk and egg and sugar for 10 mins before baking.

I used 1.5 bread, without the skin. 1 egg and 100ml of milk? and 1 box of raisins i wasn’t even sure how much milk i used i just randomly poured, and half a table spoon of sugar. (for 4 people, use 4 eggs, 500ml milk, and 2 table spoon of sugar, so i just reduced the portion for 1 person accordingly)

lucky i got this tiny le cresset pot to do this, because my next smallest baking tray is the glass ware that i have to probably bake for 4-5 people. And i was thinking what if it sucks ahhaha. i even contemplated getting vanilla ice cream and giving it away to a friend / neigbour whoever stays nearby after baking, but i was afraid the bread n butter pudding will turn out tasting horrible.

So anyway i thought okay let’s try in the small pot first. i thought purchasing this wld be useless.


I kept going to the oven and was so thrilled when the bread rise. Hahaha

When it’s browning, i took it out. and it smells great.


the texture is okay, but the taste wasn’t as sweet as those we have at the hotel buffets? i figure next time i need more sugar, and also something missing – i think vanilla essence. need to smell more fragrant and vanilla-ish. And Cinnamon powder.

The amt of butter that was bubble up when it was baking really freaked me out, that’s seriously a lot of butter. I read some recipes that the drier the bread, use more butter. i don’t want to imagine how much butter and sugar the hotels use!

I texted the girls and v said to use cream instead of milk next time, cus sg milk is very “mild” and not creamy compared to UK / angmo countries i presume.

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t THAT great, alvin took out his Kaya ice cream and we ate it with that. i think it’s nice to have Cold and Warm together. Then when it was almost finished alvin said he ate something bitter hahahah. Lol i don’t want to know what it is, maybe a burnt raisin.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to put a lot of sugar since i will want to serve it with ice cream, and ice cream is sweet itself. or vanilla sauce.

I think i’ll refine the recipe one more time and try again hahaha i love bread and butter pudding!! it’s something i look forward to when i go hotel buffets. 😂


Other day we did baked salmon n veg. Rosemary, olive oil and salt. I add the teriyaki sauce after finished baking that because i find the pots keep getting burnt because of the sauce and gotta scrub the base, soooo annoying.

Truthfully we do this so often (bake salmon) that i’m super sick of salmon now. But i just bought 2/3 slabs and it’s in the freezer 🙄

Oh yes the kompacplus cut out from the sink / hob is gd as a coaster. Hahaha. Don’t forget to ask for your cut outs if you like to use them like this. thanks to @/thepacartans who shared this that we request to get the cut outs back if we ask the ID.



Alvin’s cooking, these days he cooks more then me and his fave is prawns with everything literally . He puts them in veg and then eggomelette. i’m not a big fan of prawns but i just eat the other stuff besides prawns hahaha

there’s a handmade yong tau foo stall at the market and we bought twice from them before, pretty good.


His fave, veg and prawns. i m also not a veg person hahaha i prefer salad then cooked veg, i feel like they are very soggy and wet.


he tried aglio olio style hahah not too bad but something odd about it. later aft consulting my aunt (the big chef) he realized what was wrong, cannot cook the garlic untill brown and cannot cook the spaghetti in the olive oil with garlic. Suppose to just “toss” the spaghetti in the olive oil (aft cooking the garlic and chili) with the fire off. if not the spaghetti will get fatter and fatter and explode. Just kidding. Just fatter and mushy or something.


I did baked pasta twice and twice the cheese failed on me.

chop n fry half a white onion and one clove of garlic (depends on heavy the garlic smell you like)

Put in the mince beef when the onion turns translucent. i used 230g for 2 pax which was just nice. first time i used half only and it wasn’t enough. hahah


Cook untill beef is not red anymore


Then put in tomato sauce. i always use preggo, cus all the salt n sugar n what not else is already in there. Very very first time i followed a recipe that used another brand and i didn’t think much when the recipe says put sugar. Then the sauce became so sweet instead of savoury. So now i don’t put anything, not even salt when cooking the beef.


Cook the pasta concurrently and then lay it out on the tray / pan whatever u use to bake it


Mix the sauce in the pasta then put the cheese on top.

i m not sure what’s wrong this 2 times because the very first time i did at my mum’s house, the cheese was perfect.


Bake !!! need to pre heat the oven as well, go at 180 degrees untill the cheese turns brown (about 25 mins onwards), however brown you want – up to you.


I use this brand and this particular one that has 3 cheese for baked stuff.

So it has Cheddar, Mozzerella and Parmesan.

i’m pretty sure it’s this one that’s perfect for baked pasta / rice but i’m not sure why twice i did this the cheese did not turn stringy and long, instead it was clumpy like it was cold?

Maybe i didn’t put out the cheese long enough for it to become room temp, or didn’t bake it long enough for the cheese to completely melt. OR maybe the cheese was expired, because i used the same pack for both times, half for the first time & half for second.


Serve, but the cheese was clumpy underneath. But still tasted good hahaha

come to think of it, the cheese doesn’t look brown enough) perhaps it was still cold ahhaha

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