Clumsy Day

Not sure if it’s the cold but my hands are super clumsy today!

I made breakfast and broke an egg all over the table and dripped down onto the cabinet all the way down onto the floor. Good thing alvin is not at home because he’s sure gonna nag big time.

Then i washed the pan and wanted to pour water at the side of the sink to wash the bits of food / soap down but inside threw too high and the water collected at the corners – cannot push the water down because mines a top mount sink. So the water gathers there and was going to drip down the cabinet as well.

I opened a new pack of coffee cans and stock them in the fridge, and dropped one onto the floor Thank God it was not directly onto my feet, it was SO close! Clank, the can fell very loudly. If Alvin was around, he’s gonna scream bloody murdering his floor.

I started to dry the cutleries and plates because we cooked last night, etc etc. And i fumbled with a plate, it nearly went onto the floor. 😳😳😳😳 i was so terrified. Then i looked at the knives drying and i decided not to risk it anymore since i’m so clumsy today, i might cut myself or stab myself or drop it into my feet so i just left everything on the kitchen top and let alvin do it tonight.

Dinner last night made by alvin, only i made the soup base because he 0 clue. He’s super chingchong need to use the chinese bowl… and untill now it still hasn’t sunk into him that i prefer using bowl instead of plate because i’m a rice in the soup person. 😃

Yongtaufu was bought from the market by a couple who handmakes them.

& i cannot stand how alvin keeps all the plastic bags and “recyclables” because he’s very concern about the environment. He kept the one that carried the yongtaufu on the kitchen table top to “use it to dispose stuff later” and the fishy smell from the fishballs is so overwhelming! i went to throw it away this morning.

On the second thought i should have kept it there for him to smell it on his own to realize how smelly it is and learn how to throw it away.

I feel like sometimes it’s a challenge to “train” someone because you need to bite back your tongue and actions to let the person experience the effects and consequences of something before they realize and learn from it.

The day before i roasted beef in the oven, but it was for too long, so it ended up too hard hahaha

and i did roast veg and creamy chicken mushroom pasta! this one pass

Fry shallot and garlic and untill shallot is see through and then cook chicken (cut up pieces) untill it’s almost all cooked then put mushrooms in. After mushroom is cooked then put the cream sauce in. Simmer for awhile and it’s done.

Finally drink gongcha as well. Wow it’s been years i think since the last gongcha i drank?! okay maybe since they closed down that time, i didn’t drink the “last time” before they close.

also went to LV to look for a bday present for myself. I thought i wanted to change my wallet but found the wallet i wanted to see, very deep. Instead the SA introduced this cute sling bag. Very cute, but ah? only can put my phone n a card holder. I think i’ll skip although i think it’s very cute.

she gave me a sample for the perfume to try. The perfume bottle can be personalized with your name and then bring back to refill the perfume and it will be $120 off because you use back your own bottle. I’ll say very clever because 1. personalized is the big thing for our generation , 2. environmentally friendly because you don’t throw and use a new bottle.

Last night, That’s me under the throw that @rinetsute got me from turkey, very very soft and comfy, made of premium cotton. Then i ate ice cream too. 😃



So i think i’m in some partial low tolerance mood today, we attended alvin’s friend wedding lunch, and otw there i took a cab.

the uncle kept braking and usually i just accept that taxi drivers always don’t know how to drive properly and just hope i don’t puke before i reach the destination.

But instead today instead of keeping quiet , i asked – Uncle why you keep braking ah? Nobody in front of you what. (because i decided that maybe cab drivers don’t know they drive suckily)

He said , the car behind keep coming very close to me.

I was like ? ? No sense… what has it got to do with him?

Then we kept quiet and then we got on the expressway. He would accelerate and then stop and acc and stop. Then the braking started again. So i asked him – Uncle, why you brake? The car in front is very far away.

Then he said behind car looks like coming close, i brake to warn them.

me – ????? They come close to you, is their problem right? It’s not your problem

Then he said, I want to warn them because if later on i brake suddenly, then he cannot brake in time and become accident.

Errrrr okay, i get part that if a car behind cannot stop in time if the front car brakes then it will bump into his back.

But it makes no sense to keep looking at the rear mirror and warn every single car not to come close to him by braking constantly.. throughout the whole journey. It is something which the driver cannot control – how close the car is, behind.

Instead of looking and concentrating on the front, and going along the way, he keeps looking at the back. I thought the most braking happens is only when you see the car in front brake, and not when you see the car behind.

It makes no sense to me because won’t it create more accidents because he kept braking randomly and constantly…?

i really don’t get his logic, there’s reason why the front view is BIGGER then the rear view mirror right? To concentrate ON THE FRONT, not behind!

And how close the car comes to your back isn’t your problem, even if you brake to “warn” them, tailgaters are always tailgaters.

anyway, i got down the cab and i’m like seriously so annoyed and nauseas. PRFF!

i actually find Grab drivers better then Cab (taxi) drivers.

Later i also was thinking if this is some kind of lesson i’m supposed to derive from?

I draw Driving parallel to Life – we shld keep looking and going forward instead of keep looking backwards and being obsessed at the past/ live in the past that we cannot control / out of our control / can no longer control. There’s a reason why the front view is larger then the rear mirror. Keep looking keep going forward.

If not it will make you seriously sick.


And i was so tired aft the wedding lunch… even though i didn’t do anything, just sat there talk with alvin’s friends & their wives and eat.

Do weddings make people feel like that? I feel like although i did not attend a lot of weddings but feels like i attended enough.. Not that i don’t want to celebrate their day because i know it’s impt to them but i don’t know, just drained or something from sitting there. I got two weddings to go in May, one is a lunch and one is a church. Generally maybe it’s the setting of the wedding? I can’t put a finger to it yet. But church wedding does seem more fun and less draining.

one of his friend brought their 4 YO son, he’s so cute but i know they are only cute when they are not yours. He is a lady’s boy, so quick to hold my hand to “go play”, and give bye bye hug. But he didn’t want to hug alvin. Hahaha only like pretty girls. i told his mother, next time you need to be careful, think he will have a lot of gfs. 😂😂

I’m also amazed at how much they can understand?? i used to think that you have to speak like them, “baby language” for them to understand you but he understands perfectly when i speak normally.

He saw the water feature and ran there. pointed and say water! and ask Can i touch?

I said No you cannot because you will get wet. Do you want to get wet? He said no, and did reach out to touch, just looked at it. 😳

I asked his mum, does he actually understand everything we say?? Isn’t it chim for him?

She say no, sometimes he says more chim stuff 😂😂😂

He started sneezing, so i said Are you cold? Let’s go outside where there’s sun and warm Okay?

He said Okay, and happily hold my hand and went with me. Then when we reached the hotel lobby entrance & stepped out, I asked if he’s warm he said There’s sun! Its warm! (something like that) and started prancing around Lol

of course his mum started yelling at him not to run out to the road where the taxis where dropping off passengers hahahaa

i think he makes me think that we could consider to have a kid but its going to take YEARS before they turn this age and is this cute. 🙄

alvin often ask me if we could have a kid but immediately to be 3-4 years old Hahahaha i think he feels the same way as me.

We joked and said we borrow him for a day, his parents said YES PLEASE! By all means! Lol They look so happy.

But aft that we said ok, how about just 1 hour hahahaha. When people too readily give up something means it’s not a good deal.

I think maybe to have some mental preparation, we could babysit him for a few hours, i think we will be exhausted by the end of the day.

But no we did not, of course he went back with his parents 😂

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