8 Things to be successful this year

I kept wanting to share this, after goal setting.. i came across this article, i rephrased some, but the points are mostly taken from this article. if you want to read the article it’s below, if not the gist of this i’m sharing here.

Title is “8 Things Successful People Never Waste Time Doing”
Link :  Bit.ly/8thingsforyou


 1. Don’t get sucked into social media 

“Being on social media—checking notifications Facebook, scrolling through pictures on Instagram, reading quick updates on Twitter, whatever—it’s part of everyday life. But if you don’t control how much time you spend on it, the hours will fly by and you won’t have accomplished anything on your to-do list.”

well social media is a big part of our lives, some of us use social media for our work/ business/ etc.. but i do realize how much time i can spend scrolling mindlessly on IG or FB.. and even dayre my favourite app is one i go on eveyday.. and even updating takes a few hours!!!

Beginning of this year, i told myself not to post so often although i really miss interacting and journaling thoughts n stuff but it does take up a lot of time and i want it to read instead. So i do use but limit myself.

 2. Go through the day with a plan 

Honestly some days i don’t do my to do list because i didn’t finish the one from day before hahaha! but yes use a planner and write things down—but only the top two or three priorities you need to accomplish that day, not a long list of things. Because you might just not be able to finish them and be so demoralized.

Just 2 Big impt things. The rest can wait.

 3. Avoid emotionally draining activities 

“If you want to step into a truly successful life, you have to focus on things that positively fuel your life. Productive people don’t waste their time on things that emotionally drain them.”

Things that you don’t enjoy, or things that don’t add meaning to your life.. there’s times we feel obligated to do or go for something because well “so bad to say no leh”. Like weddings ahhaha some people are so forced to go, just say No if you are not close, say No to people you don’t like to hang out with. Most impt say No to Drama. Drama is very emotionally draining, and also No to politics. Don’t get involved in other people’s dramas because… what is value adding to you?

i always avoid drama, which also could be abit apathetic to things, but i’m the sort of i decide to feel strongly on it, it takes away all my energy and i wonder if it’s worth it? Does it matter really? If it’s something i feel so strongly about, then i’ll better to something positive for it. Dramas are usually negative, and just zaps all your strength away. Instead, give time to good causes – like building someone up, helping your fave charity, all positively.

 4. Don’t worry about things you can’t control 

Oh well this is hard isn’t it, honestly i still do.. but for good reasons, we of course need to know that worrying won’t change anything.. unless we get a solution out of it.

“Instead turn your thoughts to action-based activities. Focus on things you can get done.”

 5. Don’t hang out with negative people 

“It’s said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So if you want to be your best, you have to surround yourself with the best people.

Be sure to eliminate negative, toxic energy around you. If you want to soar in life, you need to unload what is weighing you down.”

Those who constantly complain, X
those who always say bad stuff going to happen, X
those who say life so hard. X

life is hard enough without needing them to reinforce… Instead surround yourself with those who are excited, passionate, full of life!

 6. Move past your past mistakes, don’t dwell on them 

Learning, growing and be a better person from mistakes.. we always say IF ONLY, but well we are all first times in doing a lot of things.. i made so many mistakes in dealing with people, as well as emotionally. Sometimes i look back and say Ah i wastes my emotions on this thing / person, mistake to do that..

But learning from it so i don’t do the same mistakes again. You can too, don’t dwell on it, don’t think it’s so “wasted” or “bad”. Life is full of mistakes, and from there we grow.

 7. don’t focus on what other people are doing. 

“It’s great to be inspired by what other successful people are doing, but when you’re constantly comparing yourself to the next person and it’s bringing you down, it’s time to shift your mindset.

Be inspired by others, but focus your mindset to only compete with the most important person: yourself.”

i’m the kind who also looks at others, who doesn’t?? Comparison is a thief of joy. Focus more on being yourself, focus more on doing what you like, focus more on what you have, focus more on being you.

We can look up to people, admire them, but not be them, but we can never. Everyone has their one paths to take, this is still something i’m learning…

 8. Don’t put yourself last in priority. 

“We all go through times that we don’t get enough sleep or exercise because we need to work on a big project. But for long-term success and happiness, you must put yourself first on the priority list.”

So many people get exhausted because their work, their family, their whatever is before them..

You know how you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of everything else? If you’re sick and down, how do you take care of your loved ones? If your heart is not at peace, how can you show love to someone else?

Always carve out Me Time – for yourself. Do things FOR yourself and not for others. It’s not being selfish, it’s about loving yourself and being a good version of yourself before you can help / give to others.

Be it taking a day off to go shopping, going for nights out with friends, going to have a nice latte, if you do just 1 thing for yourself everyday, i think you will feel like you can go through the day better. it doesn’t need to be big thing, it could just be a nice cup of coffee. 😃

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