Hair Update Colour

my hair colour now is like i don’t know what colour hahaha Like Ash Brown?? The lavender is all gone i think! And it’s more like a grey brown?

I’ve been thinking to put a photo on my linkedin profile and i found a spot good for selfies.

Is this good for linkedin? There’s greenery behind and i don’t want a formal stiff photo.


I wanted to share that last week i had lunch with mum in town and we went to Kith’s. i wanted to shop for CNY/ bday outfit but NAHH NONE.

Had Granchio, crab meat tomato based.

And this is a set that comes with a ice tea. They didn’t allow us to change to other drinks even with top up. Other then that, the beef and the aglio olio was so good!

they have a $15 set lunch and $20 set lunch, this one is $20 one with more meat.

Kith is at a really obscure place, behind Heeren, at the new service apartments ground floor. It’s quiet n nice place for lunch, (and maybe dinner too?)

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