Finding me from Dayre

Dayre, a microblogging app has announced that they will be shutting down.

This post is for anyone who is looking for me from Dayre. I use wordpress since years ago but updated less here after I found Dayre more convenient to post. I have been thinking since beginning of the year to come back to wordpress and post more (for a reason, which you might find out later what is), because more of friends actually come here to read my life updates and i want to start writing (including articles) actively.

Perhaps for all the more reason to blog here more.

There is also talks of pitching to investor from one or two of the people who uses Dayre, and / or to buy the app out from the current owner. On my end, i am thinking if i should also ask someone i know if their company has any impetus or interest in the app.

Lots and lots of funds will have to go into sustaining the app, even if it’s data on cloud, scaling and growing it, and who is going to run it as new owner/CEO as the app? And how to monetize the app which currently does not earn much at all, or nothing in comparison of the amount they need to actually run the app. People think it’s just $150k yearly that the CEO of the company says they need, but actual fact is that’s probably not even covering scaling, marketing, developers, and a whole lot of other things involved. The maths of suggesting for 3k users to pay $4plus a month is really insufficient. I’ll say funding this will take a few million dollars. 1 mil first at least just at this stage for it to continue and pushing out few new features.

However, i think if a company / investor can see the potential of this app, i think they might be able to buy it at a low (good) price and make a profit out of it later, if thought through carefully on how to monetize or use the app for their purpose, and on how long it will take to see the rewards. Then again, i wonder how much will the current company be willing to sell it at.

To me, it is not about the app itself, it has built a community in there and building a community is not easy. It is difficult to create, grow and sustain one, but when you have a community – it is extremely powerful and worth trying to keep it.

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