Sunday, a good day

Today, after church service i went to Vivo to shop for some things i really needed to get, and had lunch there as well. After lunch, my mum came to accompany me and we walked around for quite long and ate dinner together. I wasn’t expecting her to come but she said she didn’t have to cook dinner so she came and hung out with me. It felt so good to be with my mum and catching up, and spending time although we shopped and walked and ate. I miss her, we often talk quite a lot about a lot of things. So today i think we got the chance to talk more.

I think i haven’t seen my family as much as i seen alvin’s family since we moved, and i didn’t realize that i miss them even though my dad doesn’t say much and my sister only usually show black face hahaha. but it’s always fun to disturb her. We haven’t have a fixed day which we go back to meet my parents yet so i go randomly to see them. Now i know why after moving out, some people go back often to see their parents, i thought that some people visit their parents too often- i mean some really like a few days a week when i hear about it, but i guess it’s how close they are to their parents, now i understand more. i do know now, it’s like having to catch up an entire week worth of happenings when previously it was just 1 day as i see them daily.

And also it felt good to see my mum, and also felt good to be out the whole day. Usually i’m tired out after a few hours but today i really just wanted to be outside and also i enjoyed my mum’s company. I was out for 1130am- 830pm today.

I think being home all day long now is starting to eat at me inside, i didn’t have this issue previously at my parents house, perhaps because my dad is around in the day time, sometimes my sis. At night my mum comes back and i get to talk with her. besides alvin, he always had class at least 2 times a week or play soccer/ basket ball with friends 1 night a week, so I get to see and talk to more people.

But now, i only see and talk to alvin everyday, plus there’s days he has classes after work so i’m alone all day untill late night. I do facetime mel once or twice a week but it’s not really the same. I feel like perhaps i’m too coped up at home by myself, i may need to go to a co working space or actually go find a job and have colleagues. i don’t want to be one of those wives whose life revolves hugely around their husbands and it’s quite crazy.

Anyway, some of the things i really needed to get today. I managed to get table place mats from Akemi.

Sports jacket so i can wear to walk or run in the evenings, I caught a flu possibly because it’s so windy at our place and after sweating, it’s easy to catch a chill. So im going to wear a jacket from now to run lol. i’m surprised at how good it looked even though it looked very normal on the rack. And Royal sporting was having 15% off min spend $80 for ladies stuff. it’s just nice $80.

i think it’s good enough to be worn out as well! So sporty, getting into the atheleisure look.

i was never an adidas person, i am always a nike person. But there isn’t any nike jackets at royal sporting and in the nike shop itself, no nike jacket that looked and felt good compared to the adidas one. Seriously i don’t know how they survive with so little things in the nike shop. and reebonz have a pop up or a store at vivo. check out this huge bal! I love it!!

Ystday i actually also met my parents, i went to their place to have my fave prawn noodles and prata. And then they came back with me to my house because i needed my dad’s help to drill and fix up the mirror and hanger. Finally i have hanger to hang clothes! Seriously dads are still the best when it comes to handyman. I’m so used to my dad being a handyman that i feel like i have an expectation of the man in my house to do the same. Right now he’s being trained in the kitchen, but i don’t know how to train him to do handyman stuff.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, a good day

  1. I also feel the same way when i’m unemployed. Like my whole life is dependent on what time Andy reaches home. I hated that feeling, so now i head back to my mom’s place, i hang out with friends who’ve flexible working hours and just learn to do things on my own. I’ve yet to go hang out at a cafe alone but i MIGHT do that one day! Just to have brunch and enjoy good coffee. Rather than being cooped up at home all day.

    1. hahah ya its like our whole life just waiting the husband to pangkang and come home. Its terrible! I think thats how stay home wives feel like, apart from the fact they have kids. Oh i do that! I go to cafes for breakfast but thats about it, not really like work there, i dont know really how to work at a cafe yet. lol! you can read a book or something there, i usually get distracted with my phone. Yes, its def a good idea to go out more often, go mum’s place, hang with friends and do your own stuff outside!:) glad im not the only one who feels this way. haha. hope you’re having a blast in Spain!!

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