Friday night thoughts

Friday nights, they are the strangest nights of the week if you are alone. So i am today.

I wonder sometimes if it is good when you have time or when you have no time. People tend to think too much when there is not time, but i find that it is a good time for me to reflect on things, perhaps i reflect too much?

It is nearly the end of Q1, and you know what? the goals that i wrote in the beginning of the year.. I don’t think i did any of it, except reading the bible regularly. I did not even really work on the things I want to do for business, nor for personal – writing.

Times, i wonder exactly what i am doing? I am afraid of being busy, thats why i don’t really jump at every opportunity, at the same time afraid of achieving nothing at this point of time in age.

There are times where i think, lets DO something. But at the end of it, is it really… beneficial to me? Some of the things i did, did not really change my life per say. Probably only filled up my time because i was doing something. But some things at the point of time, i wanted to do even though i may not have liked it that much or use it that much after.

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