Exactly 5 years ago feeling the same, again


met up with a friend last week and she told me, it is okay to be where you are, or if you take longer then others to get where you want to be, or realize that you want something you didn’t start before

She told me that some people just grow at different pace, you can’t compare yourself to another because some things comes with time.

I read this post which i wrote exactly 5 years ago, in end March. Somehow i feel like i am in the same place now.

I can’t remember who is the person i met and told me that, but Alvin has been telling me lately – that everyone runs their own race – don’t compare yourself to them and your journey to theirs, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Reading this post again, it reminds me that yes everyone grow at different pace and things come with time. (oh perhaps i think i know who! there’s only one person who would say this type of things to me, unfortunately she’s not here physically in sg now for me to talk to her)

I have been having a tough time because i don’t know where i am heading next, in terms of business but i hope this period will be peaceful instead of anxiety 5 year ago, and hopeful.

I have been thinking of taking a month or two break to calibrate my thoughts and myself, to look around how and what i can do to improve the current business or something new. I intended to design my own brand but i find it really difficult. As though that is not my strength or what i am good at, at all. I am not a designer or creative in the design sense, i just have good taste or good eye for things that people may like and may sell well. It sounds like an excuse for being lazy but i tried, i went for jewelry design classes, i sat down a few days over a few weeks to design things, to try and copy designs on practice for drawing, going on pinterest and pin a “theme”, but guess what i don’t enjoy at all and i don’t have any “flair” for it. And this is essential for the next step for my business. How? I have no clue, yet.

I had a break for 5-6 months previously which led me to build Just Tangy, i wonder if i take another break this time, i hope i find something new / better / improved too.

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