Weekend purchases

I am so pleased today because i accomplished so much – buying things hahaha!

2 days ago i was at my aunts place and we saw that she had a beautiful side table for the living room. I immediately asked if it was from scanteak! I been looking around for a side table for living room.

And it happened that i got targeted by an Ad on Carousell by Scanteak, clicked on it and saw that they were having $100 off for the exact table so it was originally $299 and i got it for $199.

I planned to meet yoges & mel for brunch the next day and also found they had a new pop up store or something at wisma. I went there cash & carried home.

God answers prayers in weird times hahaha.

Look at the gorgeous teak wood. So Solid!

Today we were at Amk hub so i went to Eun Yan Sang to replenish fish essence, this month has 20% – i didn’t even know, just a nice surprise. Been feeling tired / listless and sleepy lately so it helps with energy.

then went to popular to buy a new hole puncher because mine is so so so rusty. Picked a japanese brand one and wah it’s so expensive but alvin kept saying very good – as if he knows. Then picked out two new colour pens ! check pig the gray! i don’t think i ever seen gray. They have more colours then Kino and they are 50 cents cheaper at Popular!

I told alvin that oh i love buying new colour pens- they are like shoes right? need this colour and that colour. I used to love to go to the stationery shop downstairs my house last time – it was called “Bao Mei” i used to hang there for hours hahahaha my goodness. And buying all sorts of stationery. it’s such a nostalgic memory – those small stationery shops. Now it’s either Popular or Kino, and even popular is getting smaller and smaller.

Nothing can beat PS Cafe truffle fries! Brunch with mel and of the someone who is not in the photo is late. by the time i finished all the food already.

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