New to marriage even after 3 years

I had this feeling and knew I needed to take a few days away from home to have me time – actually away from my husband and spent time elsewhere.

But it didn’t happen because of me feeling unwell from flu and added on the impending typhoon. Yes i was going to take a last minute trip to Hong Kong half for work and half for pleasure.

What conspired over the weekend was a massive load of unhappiness and snappy words from each other resulting into me feeling like marriage is pretty tough. I somehow had the feeling that I had to be away, and we really needed time apart. You know how they say absence makes the heart fonder? I felt like my husband really needed that to feel fonder towards me.

We tend to make excuses for the mistakes we make or blame the other person because you did or said this therefore i did or say that. But is there really any excuse for impatient, snappy words or bad behavior? No. It does not matter what it was because of, but it only reflects on the person.

And at times, behavior reflects things or feelings we do not know of but only becomes obvious when we think more deeply into it, there’s some deep seated reason to how we reacted.

We got married for nearly 4 years now, but things only got “serious” in my opinion, when we moved into our home. I cannot start to imagine how it feels like where couples have more then 1 thing to deal with – wedding, living together, new family (in laws), etc. So I thank God for staggering transition periods for us.

— to be continued

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