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A lot of people ask us if we are planning to have a kid, and if we want we should have children soon/early. I think there’s less people asking us now, and i always don’t know what to answer people on “why”. It is like an obligation to “explain” to people why you don’t want to have kids now.

The usual answer that people will say is “not ready”. And then there is the saying that, you will never be ready to be parents anyway.

I don’t say that we are “not ready” but there’s other things we would like to do first. Our focus and desire of our hearts will not enable us to put aside time first for something or rather someone else at this moment. Commitment is often a scary word and have a negative connotation but it is not. It allows us to pursue what we really want. Right now, we are committed to grow our own career and explore ourselves (like growing as an adult). So we want to be committed to be good parents by only having a kid when we can.

Both of us agreed that it is ok to have kids a little later and we will be more financially apt too (not later like 50 years old la). Looking after children is no easy task, and not everyone have the energy to handle a kid themselves or have their parents help with their kids. Although stay home mom look like they have lots of time but it is also not easy for them to handle – having the baby stuck to them all day and all night, having to wake up to feed a few times in the middle of the night unless your baby sleeps through.

Husband may be too tired and need 100% energy at work especially if it involves heavy machinery or human lives, for them to do night watch or night feeds.

Being a little slower then our peers at having kids also enable me to look at other people and adapt from their difficulties. One of alvin’s friends have his mother take care of their kid while wife works from home – it is a common misconception that working from home mum can handle a kid too, no. Because kids constantly need attention and there is no way you can work with them crying or climbing over your leg etc. Put in the time needed to feed them, prepare their food, bath them, wash their dirty clothes or change their soiled diapers.

At night he and his wife takes over the kid so his parents can rest, but then when do they themselves rest? They worked all day and then have to take care of the kid all night. Giving their parents a rest at night also shows that basically anyone who cares for a kid needs rest. Then what about them? That also goes for weekends.

I think being parents require some kind of sacrifice but it is also essential to take care of ourselves first, you know like cover some bases. Having kids and having a family is not a sprint but a marathon, it is going as far as we can without burning out. We all know burning out ends up in arguments and in some extreme cases, separation. Arguing about household chores are so yesterday by the time kids arrive.

I have been forming my own thoughts on having kids, and many buy car first and helper (not as many) have. But I think it may be essential to have a helper first. We agreed that it is highly likely that we need a helper, even now sometimes we are too tired to do laundry hahah but of course we do la, we still have discipline.

Yesterday, I came to this strange conclusion that we should hire a helper when I get pregnant and not after giving birth. I told alvin and he’s like ok. I am grateful that he shares the same sentiments after watching friends having kids. We are like people sitting on the side benches watching the football game but not getting involved. We will cheer for them, we will encourage them but we are not getting into the game, yet.

I see how friends who have helper seem less stressed and more relaxed compared to those without. Also, they take care of cleaning your house too.

Many people say aiyah give your parents to take care la. Alvin’s parents are already quite well in age, they are already grandparents – alvin’s eldest nephew is already early 20s. My parents, i think they want their own freedom and enjoy their golden years – finally my sister and I are more or less grown up and earning our own keep. They probably already paid off the house they live in, and what they earn they finally can use for themselves to eat and play, and whatever else. I think 30 years of bringing up 2 kids is pretty much enough.

That saying, it is also likely that our parents and us have different styles of upbringing our kids. (Btw, we still do not have a TV in our house hahaha.)

I don’t know why i am writing this, but I wanted to just pen down some thoughts after I told alvin about getting a helper when I get pregnant. If you are wondering, no its not so soon.

On what we both still have to do right now? Alvin’s currently still doing his masters, and me, I feel that my business isn’t that “stable” enough for me to be able to go on auto mode yet. So yes, till the time comes, i will update again.




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Today, after church service i went to Vivo to shop for some things i really needed to get, and had lunch there as well. After lunch, my mum came to accompany me and we walked around for quite long and ate dinner together. I wasn’t expecting her to come but she said she didn’t have to cook dinner so she came and hung out with me. It felt so good to be with my mum and catching up, and spending time although we shopped and walked and ate. I miss her, we often talk quite a lot about a lot of things. So today i think we got the chance to talk more.

I think i haven’t seen my family as much as i seen alvin’s family since we moved, and i didn’t realize that i miss them even though my dad doesn’t say much and my sister only usually show black face hahaha. but it’s always fun to disturb her. We haven’t have a fixed day which we go back to meet my parents yet so i go randomly to see them. Now i know why after moving out, some people go back often to see their parents, i thought that some people visit their parents too often- i mean some really like a few days a week when i hear about it, but i guess it’s how close they are to their parents, now i understand more. i do know now, it’s like having to catch up an entire week worth of happenings when previously it was just 1 day as i see them daily.

And also it felt good to see my mum, and also felt good to be out the whole day. Usually i’m tired out after a few hours but today i really just wanted to be outside and also i enjoyed my mum’s company. I was out for 1130am- 830pm today.

I think being home all day long now is starting to eat at me inside, i didn’t have this issue previously at my parents house, perhaps because my dad is around in the day time, sometimes my sis. At night my mum comes back and i get to talk with her. besides alvin, he always had class at least 2 times a week or play soccer/ basket ball with friends 1 night a week, so I get to see and talk to more people.

But now, i only see and talk to alvin everyday, plus there’s days he has classes after work so i’m alone all day untill late night. I do facetime mel once or twice a week but it’s not really the same. I feel like perhaps i’m too coped up at home by myself, i may need to go to a co working space or actually go find a job and have colleagues. i don’t want to be one of those wives whose life revolves hugely around their husbands and it’s quite crazy.

Anyway, some of the things i really needed to get today. I managed to get table place mats from Akemi.

Sports jacket so i can wear to walk or run in the evenings, I caught a flu possibly because it’s so windy at our place and after sweating, it’s easy to catch a chill. So im going to wear a jacket from now to run lol. i’m surprised at how good it looked even though it looked very normal on the rack. And Royal sporting was having 15% off min spend $80 for ladies stuff. it’s just nice $80.

i think it’s good enough to be worn out as well! So sporty, getting into the atheleisure look.

i was never an adidas person, i am always a nike person. But there isn’t any nike jackets at royal sporting and in the nike shop itself, no nike jacket that looked and felt good compared to the adidas one. Seriously i don’t know how they survive with so little things in the nike shop. and reebonz have a pop up or a store at vivo. check out this huge bal! I love it!!

Ystday i actually also met my parents, i went to their place to have my fave prawn noodles and prata. And then they came back with me to my house because i needed my dad’s help to drill and fix up the mirror and hanger. Finally i have hanger to hang clothes! Seriously dads are still the best when it comes to handyman. I’m so used to my dad being a handyman that i feel like i have an expectation of the man in my house to do the same. Right now he’s being trained in the kitchen, but i don’t know how to train him to do handyman stuff.

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Hello!! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Everyone had a good one? Especially Loh Hei-ing!

This year is the first year we actually give angbao? I think Haha! Cus first first marriage don’t need to right? Something like that lah.

We headed to my parent’s place on the eve for dinner. We usually don’t do Loh Hei because just 5 of us and there will be so much left over. Mum prepared steamboat and my dad bought a roast chicken. I brought some CNY goodies to their place because alvin & i won’t be able to finish everything! This isn’t all, but we were starving by the time we populated the entire table so we just gobbled up everything. Not sure why we were so hungry, i think i didn’t eat much for lunch.

So it was surge for grab app so we took a bus, first time taking bus back to my parents back LOL!!! It wasn’t too far actually, like in between 20-30 mins, had to change bus as well but it wasn’t as inconvenient as i thought!

First day, we spent the day at home and doing nothing. But instead alvin & i got on each other’s nerves.. hahahaa i’m not sure why?? I was still flu-ish terribly since 2 weeks plus ago and had to start on a new course of medicines and didn’t sleep well the night before.

Usually we don’t do anything on first day even when i was back at home (my parents place) and i don’t mind at all, and was happy. But this time in the afternoon ish, i started feeling odd and sort of like a left out feeling, thinking that everyone was outside and having fun while i was like so sad, no plans, no do anything. I just laid in bed most of the day, can’t remember doing what even! Not even watching much korean dramas.

Felt so gloomy doomy, i think it could either be me not feeling well, or some side effects of the medication.

Our second day, saw us hurriedly taking a few photos on the self timer camera and then had to run off because we booked the grab before deciding we had to take a photo! We are so nice in red, and a secret, we have been wearing this for 3rd or 4th year now. This dress, i only wear on CNY Hahahah!!! Alvin also wears his red RL polos (i think he currently has 2) and red burberry polo on CNY and National day every year. I know, we just … can’t seem to find decent red clothes lah, and just don’t wear red clothes so don’t buy many red clothes.

For Next year CNY outfits i seriously should start shopping now because it’s not easy to find nice red dresses / that suit me.

We visited 2 houses and here’s a photo of my mum’s biological twin sister. They aren’t close because they didn’t grow up together, but they do look alike? And i guess i don’t quite look like her daughter – technically by blood is my cousin.

Do we look like each other? Since our mum’s are twins.. we should sort of look like a little similar? I guess then it depends on dad’s looks on the other part or the genes Lol

Unfortunately , it’s always hard to take a group photo at my grandma’s place. But my cousin and CIL is back from NZ! One year passed so fast, he went there for some work/study thing. We stayed for dinner and it was fun catching up, hearing about old stories of our parents / aunts/uncle’s.

Younger times, At the old flat where they stayed, my grandfather kept birds and always hang the cage on the bamboo stick. My 2 aunts admitted to accidentally dropping the cage down to ground level (stayed on 5th). 1 said the one she dropped , the bird… died shortly later. The other aunt said she couldn’t remember because it was too tramautizing. So we asked my grandfather .. he only could remember 1 aunt “killing his bird”. He wasn’t angry though; and he said his friend gave him the bird and he sang beautifully. He asked the friend to come and check on the bird, but 2-3 days later, it died. My cousin (This aunt’s daughter) remember that there was a bird with a bandaged leg. We guessed they did bandage it up. hahaha Lol memories are so long ago but it’s fun to put together an entire history when different fragments comes from different people.

My grandfather went into the room and dug something out, and showed us… It was a medal that the bird won at a People’s Association bird contest!!!! Oh my….. i wonder if he was upset when it died and if he was sad thinking about it. We asked if he knew what happened to that friend who gave him that bird, he said they didn’t contact for long time. and lost contact. Ah Sad, no facebook.

I stopped one medicine (which is new) and continued another which i took before but that night, i couldn’t sleep again because i suspect of the medication i was taking causing heart palpitations so it has the effect of caffiene making heart beat excitedly to wake me up. So today i didn’t take ANY!

Third day today! Check out the outfits, my Zara TRF dress from years ago, gotta check old photos of me wearing this to determine how long. Alvin’s burberry polo also from years ago, which i remember we couldn’t decide to get or not because the size was slightly bigger then his usual. In the end we got it because it was a good price and burberry clothes don’t come by often at good discounts. I think it might be from the burberry HK outlet at Tsing Yi. Seems like it fits well now Hahahah!!!

Lunch at Vivien & Paul’s place, and it is Mark’s first CNY in singapore! i thought it wld be really nice to meet and him experiencing the Loh Hei and all. Haha! Steamboat Yummy and also finally i got to eat BA GUA!!!! and the BEST one too!

God must have heard my heart’s desire, and granted me them. i was moaning the day before why no ba gua at grandmother’s place, i usually don’t eat (it’s been a few years now) because i feel guilty as it has TONS of calories. But this year somehow i just wanted to. I think i hadn’t been eating much for 2 weeks and no appetite because of flu, so i think my body wanted to replenish Haha.

And then best thing, since Thursday, i been wanting to eat watermelon but none anywhere…today, at their place they had!

Ah many more more of these to come. Missing mel’s boyfriend (future) & shuling.

it’s amazing how, we never run out of things to talk about?! It’s like ah… sometimes you know you need a topic to discuss if not things get quiet and awkward, but with these people – no. Guess when you been friends long enough, you have everything to talk about.

Then there’s the Karaoke set, my gosh.. alvin went at it non stop!!! We also made mark lip sync to chinese songs which was so funny.

someone came to visit at night, aiyo so cute. I see a lot of dogs but he’s the first dog- after i see, makes me consider to have one. Not seriously but the thought of. I never ever had thought of having a dog before.

But after that he wanted to go home, scared his daddy leave him.

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Turning 30, I feel that the milestone is really for my parents. This year is also the year that I will move out of my home, and into a new one with Alvin. This is probably the biggest thing for me rather then turning 30, I would say is to move away from my parents and the room and house I call home for 30 years. My first thought was not about me but the people around me, this 30th. Mainly my parents, and my friends, specially my best friend, Alvin. Say not that much of alvin but he has shaped alot of how I am in the later parts of my years. Come to think of it at the end of this year is also the 10th year of us being together as a couple,  we celebrated with our wedding with a bang, I am satisfied with it and I always hug him to show that I appreciate him heh. But for most part of my life, my parents and my best friend were the ones that was there, walking the journey with me. For that, I am so thankful and grateful that God has kept us together, kept these people close to me, and for giving me a whole family. Something as simple as having a whole family is one that I never thought much about until now, where we don’t think much of but is a luxury and something impossible for some kids, to have and live with both their parents.

I hope that my parents see my 30th as their milestone, bringing a human being up, from the time I was a problematic baby and not a very healthy one at that. I think they did quite a pretty good job with me, raising me up, with values and morals. I say that they never discounted anything in my life, gave me all that I needed and even wanted. The hardest part is probably letting go of me, and letting me do my own stuff even though I still stay under their roof. Now that I am married, most part of my schedule and time revolves around Alvin and my business, we do most things together.

One big reason for me taking the leap into business, although everything was very uncertain was my parents support. Both of them say yes I should try and not once they ever discouraged me or told me that I was being silly, or asked me to go look for a job. I know, in the end even if it failed or I go broke, I still live in their house and eat their food. The other was Alvin of course, one who would have to feed me when we move out. Sometimes these people have more faith in what I am, and what I can do then myself. We all need these people in our lives.

For my friends, those who been through with me, know my quirks, accept me for who i am. And mel who’s been there all along, ups and downs in my life. Good thing we both are decent people and not havoc. I guess for that both our parents should thank each other that they raised us up well, and we found each other. We used to change best friends in Primary school, but little did I know is when two people have some sort of chemistry and find each other funny or interesting. I guess this is much like a relationship except its a friendship. there is no need for labels like BFF and what not to prove to the world or show off, but just something very simple as being present in one’s life. We have grown to the point where we dislike each other’s taste, but some things we can agree on. Mostly now, we agree to disagree which i think is the highest form of friendship. Now, we have known each other more then half our lives right? And i hope we will be still close even at 50, or 60.

Unlike others, I don’t have a bucket list or a list of things I want to do before 30. But it seems that I have done most of the things that people put as bucket list. I got married to Alvin, I travel to placed wherever I wanted, I started a business, I have good friends that stick by me. Health wise has been up and down, last year and this year mostly better. I found that as years go by, things actually get better although we tend to over think and over worry about the future. Perhaps as I get older, I find that if you want it you can go get it. But sometimes some things are not meant for you or not good for you. And life, it is hard to know or predict the future but whatever comes, if its opportunity, go for it. If it’s something you don’t like, leave it. I guess the best things I did was, One to date Alvin. Two to start my business. I hope in my 30s, there would be more of these best things I did and when I look back, I will not have regrets or what ifs.

Thank you Everyone who has been part of this 30 year journey.

There are some things I learnt nearing to 30, and also want to take it with me down the 30 road.

  • Not everything turns out the way you want it to be but thats ok, in the end everything that is good comes through and you will be happy with what you have
  • Patience, Time, things take a long time to flourish, in personal growth, in business
  • Friends come and go, a few who will always be by your side. Let go those who go
  • I struggled with this for long, wanting to look like others and be like them, better, more well to do, and wanting to be where they were. Everyone has their own path, so do i. I stopped looking at others and concentrating on myself
  • Creating the life that I want to live – this is the hardest part and the most challenging part that will always be on going. It is easy to follow the crowd, to do what others do. To break out in thoughts and in action so that I can be living the life I like
  • Go to church regularly because we all need fresh revelations and a touch of Jesus
  • Do Quiet time, because we can get caught up with work and things and our soul gets sucked dry
  • Celebrate occasions, because those are the times we remember the best
  • Explore, Unlearn, redefine, relearn – Always taking that step to learn things I don’t know, not being afraid to try, not being intimidated by foreign subjects and experience. This is something I am easing into right now
  • Take charge of your life, in terms of changing what you want, being better in things, go for courses for your career, no one will be more vested in you then yourself
  • Find the right kind of love, and the right kind of man who will give you that
  • Don’t do things or go to places you don’t enjoy, you can always use that time to do something you like
  • Trial and Error, nothing works fine the first time and it is ok to be wrong.
  • Assumptions can be wrong, but there’s always time to make new ones. I thought I liked something, or something was good. Turned out it was not too good.


To sum up, I am quite excited to see whats in store down the road here. And I think 30 onwards will be the best years of my life. Like how someone wished me “Happy birthday. 30 good, wah. I think 30-35 is a good age to be in, you are not too young and naïve, and not too old and senile.” Thank you, I think that is wonderful to know. Hehe. In my heart and mind, I am always still 24.




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I met up with Shu Ling that day, she always tells me stuff that makes me think and help to straighten up jumbled thoughts in structured order. I took away some stuff she shared and told me. One of which was how to decide easier. I asked her how does she do it? She chose between a good paying job and a job which interest her more but paid a lot less. (more then 20% less). How do you decide? I asked her, because I m also always stricken by what is practical and what makes sense vs. what I feel.

she shared with me that the good paying job would have been what she wanted 2 years ago, but not anymore. It would be something she would be working hard towards to actually get that sort of job. she grown out of the job or what she use to want. & now she would like to do something related to society and give back to society or for social good. So any decisions she make for jobs would go back to that as a basis which will make it easier for her to make decisions.

For life, she said that she would do things to meet the belief of her being happier this year then last, and better then the last. So anything she does goes back to this.

I thought it would be applicable to me to know what is my life philosophy, what I deem impt generally so it would be easy for me to decide on things – business, life, etc. It would be a much more efficient way then to keep rethinking on decisions. So this two weeks I have been pondering on it. I feel that it would also help me shape what I want my life to be and how I would live my life in the next 5 years.

This is in lieu of me turning 30. A number isn’t a big deal but being intentional is what I want to be. Not just float through the years like the first 3 years after graduating not knowing what I like, what I want, what I need to pursue.

In Business, Life, Relationships, Personal Growth, Giving back to society.

I did share with her that I might then seem rather superficial because what I want is only to be comfortable and that largely will come from being financially well to do. I feel generally everything I do, is to be comfortable in living my life. I would love to advice pp – I.e giving back to Society but I feel that I’m not quite ready and apt for it right now because I have not reached a certain level of “success”.

She told me that everyone has different wants and different things that will satisfy them, If it is what I want or think what I want, by all means go all the way and do whatever I can and everything I can to reach there, and then see if it’s really what satisfies and makes me fulfilled/ feel achieved. And no one can say it’s wrong or bad, because it’s very individual.

and if I can’t decide or pinpoint yet how I want to do things – all the above, then try the “world’s way” means everyone elses ways and see if I am comfortable with it, eventually I will come to form my own opinion and own way to do things (live my life, business etc.) that I find resonates / peaceful with myself.

Does everyone have a life philosophy as well?

Some of my friends have – be kind to others whenever they can. Some are travel as much as they can. (one wanted to travel to 50 countries or cities Before 30, and he’s done it) Some just worry as much as they can- just kidding! Some wants to date as much as they can (haha) maybe not anymore as we are at the age of wanting to just concentrate on one partner. Some are having family – many kids. Some are to make a difference in the world.

The point of this post is also that I want to be intentional in living my life. I think I have been rather this year, and i know that my life will be more intentional next year if I plan for it to do and achieve what I want. Life passes too fast, there’s no number (age) of doing something but this quote striked me because it reinforces that life is precious and you can live it wild (not sleep around) but beyond your imagination and fears.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.


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You know that feeling? I know.. now. That somehow right now, the feeling I have is like I am at ease, at peace where I am, at the right place at the right time. This moment, it feels like it is where I was meant to be.

I am just lying on my bed wondering how I could maximize my time doing operational and winding my knowledge reading. I got tons of books that I bought over the past 1 year and I told myself NOT to go kino anymore lest I end up buying another 10! Perhaps weekends should be spent reading more.

I finally am done with my full time job and it was really tough doing it and Just Tangy, because juggling both was demanding and took up a lot of my time & energy. I have my family to thank for helping me out, and understanding that half the time I was tired & grumpy. After 1.5 years I finally let go my full time job and going to concentrate on Just Tangy 110% now. Also, I didn’t have time to spend with family and friends, especially my grandparents – I hardly visited them during that time, and hardly met friends because I end work late and would be busy at night with Just Tangy, on weekends would be spending with Alvin & my own family and tending to Just Tangy as well. Even wedding preps, I didn’t do much & didn’t even research on things I like e.g wedding gown, look etc.

So with more time now, and the wedding nearer, I at least I have some time to breathe, rest my tired self that was working non stop for 1 year plus. I can’t even remember the last movie I watched. Also, alvin changed his job and he has more time now in the evenings and weekends. He used to work 6 to 7 days a week and 10 hours a day. So i am really happy that we get to spend more time now, and enjoying a more relaxed pace with everything. We now have time to go work out a little, hang out a little, take walks, explore some random new place, have dinner together. I guess little things in life like this could really make us happy. I really appreciate that both of us have more time to sit back a little now.

So yes, we are coming to the end of the year and God has really blessed us indeed.

And I must say that I know that running a business won’t be easy and isn’t easy as people think it might be – I felt insulted when people told me “oh, so you very free now” / “you are not really doing anything” / “you are not working what..” because I run my own business. Honestly, I was quite hurt by that type of comment, because it just means I have more flexibility over my time now and am not “very free”, or “lazy” because I work my hours a day, and a whole lot more things to do then a normal full time job. I told alvin and he’s like well they will never know, so ignore them. So yes I decided I shall just let them think that way, I guess it isn’t a bad thing if people think I can do “not much” & still run a sucessful one! People do work hard for their own businesses which nobody knows, because it’s all behind closed doors. :’)

Maybe in terms of work, if you know Steve jobs famous quote on work – “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”

Anyway, today I had this feeling of content, that I am where I was supposed to be, and it feels nice and peacefully. (Sorry I can’t explain it in a better way). Perhaps in terms of everything besides just work, I had initially thought it was just about work. But now I think it is about everything, and maybe I am starting to see how I want and envisioned my life to be like. I hope this feeling or whatever last for long long time.


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This year Christmas I decided to write cards for some of my loved ones- so i went to vivo over the weekend, picked out some cards and wrote them today.

It’s the most uneventful days leading up to Christmas compared to last year Mel & I brought Yoges to do some really horrendous things – to Strip for her birthday, to get a Brazilian wax. heh. After which we brought her to T&C. Same for Mel, I usually spend Christmas Day itself at her place with her family as we celebrate her birthday and Christmas together, and last year, after Christmas we went to artisque and painted a storm there – she loves art and stuff like that. so she ended up with 3 paintings as birthday present :*) hung on her wall supposedly or toilet as her dad allows it.

Where this year, it was much different, Mel is off in Europe with her family spending a Wintery cold Christmas, and me packing orders for the days leading to Christmas and crossing my fingers that the parcels all arrive in time for customers loved ones! It’s pretty wrecking and wondering if customers got their presents in time, especially those who ordered on Sunday, but I am especially happy when they email to say their Gf/Bf loves it etc.

I picked out Mel and Yoges birthday presents all by myself this year, cus both are busy anyway, and usually I don’t give Christmas gifts because I have no clue what to give them, so this year I just got then birthday gifts, and wrote a long ass message in their cards. I hope both of them love what I got, cross fingers. these days it’s hard to think of what to get them because we are all working now and can get whatever we fancy!

on the side note, it’s also my 6th Year anniversry with ah boy. this year I told him DONT make me anything!!! when we were still schooling, we made always made each other stuff using art n craft, but ever since I started working that want to make something just disappeared. we went to Wessex to eat at our fave restaurant pietsantra over the weekend as we will be going to my grandma place for dinner on Christmas Eve. And I liked that we were very casual – he asked why I was wearing home clothes. hahaha! it feels nice to be a long time couple where we just can be comfortable. We used to go Taos to celebrate sometimes but Wessex is our new favourite place now. if you’re going there – try the pasta with truffle and the lamb which they stew yummily! Plus the moscato they carry is my favorite, it has a honey sweet taste and lovely texture to it. After which we had Laurent Chocolate next door – a warm chocolate cake with ice cream. we talked about goodness knows what and came home after. I now appreciate the joy of going to a fave place of mine and having a satisfying dinner without hassle. I am not sure if that’s very alvin style but, that’s indeed very me. I hope it’s very “us” though.

and anyhow, I haven’t gotten him anything as well , nor have I thought of anything he could gift to me. sometimes I think perhaps we could take that money and put it into our life together fund – to save to get a car after we get married or something practical like that.

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