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I met up with Shu Ling that day, she always tells me stuff that makes me think and help to straighten up jumbled thoughts in structured order. I took away some stuff she shared and told me. One of which was how to decide easier. I asked her how does she do it? She chose between a good paying job and a job which interest her more but paid a lot less. (more then 20% less). How do you decide? I asked her, because I m also always stricken by what is practical and what makes sense vs. what I feel.

she shared with me that the good paying job would have been what she wanted 2 years ago, but not anymore. It would be something she would be working hard towards to actually get that sort of job. she grown out of the job or what she use to want. & now she would like to do something related to society and give back to society or for social good. So any decisions she make for jobs would go back to that as a basis which will make it easier for her to make decisions.

For life, she said that she would do things to meet the belief of her being happier this year then last, and better then the last. So anything she does goes back to this.

I thought it would be applicable to me to know what is my life philosophy, what I deem impt generally so it would be easy for me to decide on things – business, life, etc. It would be a much more efficient way then to keep rethinking on decisions. So this two weeks I have been pondering on it. I feel that it would also help me shape what I want my life to be and how I would live my life in the next 5 years.

This is in lieu of me turning 30. A number isn’t a big deal but being intentional is what I want to be. Not just float through the years like the first 3 years after graduating not knowing what I like, what I want, what I need to pursue.

In Business, Life, Relationships, Personal Growth, Giving back to society.

I did share with her that I might then seem rather superficial because what I want is only to be comfortable and that largely will come from being financially well to do. I feel generally everything I do, is to be comfortable in living my life. I would love to advice pp – I.e giving back to Society but I feel that I’m not quite ready and apt for it right now because I have not reached a certain level of “success”.

She told me that everyone has different wants and different things that will satisfy them, If it is what I want or think what I want, by all means go all the way and do whatever I can and everything I can to reach there, and then see if it’s really what satisfies and makes me fulfilled/ feel achieved. And no one can say it’s wrong or bad, because it’s very individual.

and if I can’t decide or pinpoint yet how I want to do things – all the above, then try the “world’s way” means everyone elses ways and see if I am comfortable with it, eventually I will come to form my own opinion and own way to do things (live my life, business etc.) that I find resonates / peaceful with myself.

Does everyone have a life philosophy as well?

Some of my friends have – be kind to others whenever they can. Some are travel as much as they can. (one wanted to travel to 50 countries or cities Before 30, and he’s done it) Some just worry as much as they can- just kidding! Some wants to date as much as they can (haha) maybe not anymore as we are at the age of wanting to just concentrate on one partner. Some are having family – many kids. Some are to make a difference in the world.

The point of this post is also that I want to be intentional in living my life. I think I have been rather this year, and i know that my life will be more intentional next year if I plan for it to do and achieve what I want. Life passes too fast, there’s no number (age) of doing something but this quote striked me because it reinforces that life is precious and you can live it wild (not sleep around) but beyond your imagination and fears.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.



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Everyone raves about wanton noodles and dim sum; and blah blah, most of the places that people recommend are repeated and written about over and over again, until there’s really nothing new anymore.

This year it must have been strange but it is my third time in Hong Kong and i did different things every single visit. First 2 visit i wrote briefly on Sai Kung and also climbing/trekking Dragon Back Trail. This time I’ll just go with all the yummy food I had that I think you must try. There are places that are over rated and also places I have eaten there X times so I will not talk about those places I usually eat at, here’s a list of places that I really like this time, and they are sort of “off the beaten track”.

1. Sun Hing restaurant Dim sum

Shop C, G/F, 8 Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town, Western District (very short walk from Kennedy Town MTR station)

Must try : Fried Milk, Liu Sha Bao

The rest of the dim sum are quite good but I won’t crave for them. Liu Sha Bao is my favourite , like the best, I had it twice during my stay. This place is also famous for opening at 3am, probably after having too much to drink at LKF or after work (a sad working life). I can’t rave enough but I would have it anytime! I am not the sort of like Liu Sha but this one doesn’t have the yucky grimy after taste and it’s sweet and Bao is fluffy. The carrot cake was yummy as well, the third item I would say you must try but it is a pretty big portion and would be filling.

2. The Little Bao

66 Staunton St, Central (Behind PMQ)

Must try : Dessert Salted Ice cream with caramel with bun


The bun is fried and it goes so well with the ice cream. Bun is hot and ice cream is cold- you can imagine how I like that! Plus salty & sweet mashed in your mouth like French fries & ice cream. We already had dinner before heading to little Bao so I didn’t get to try dinner menu but from the looks of it, the dinner would be delicious!  We had dinner at Yat Lok, and it’s not far away – refer to number 4.

3. Spaghetti house

Any outlet is fine, they are all over HK. My usual places are Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway bay and at the HK Airport.

Must try : Puff pastry with soup

After eating a lot of Chinese food, sometimes we just need a break right? The puff pastry is so yummy, I usually take the seafood chowder soup but I think any soup would do. I usually have lasagne or spaghetti beef bolgonese here. when I was working in Hk in 2012, I ate here alone when I had enough of Chinese food, and it sort of “brings me back home”.

4. Yat Lok

G/F, 34-38 Stanley Street, Central

Must try : Goose, roast meat & char Siew

Yat Lok has pretty nice goose skin and I like the Hor fun soup with it – picture doesn’t show the Hor fun, the thick bee hoon was not very good as it was slightly hard. Overall. It was yummmm. I had Yung Kee the previous trip & I wasn’t very impressed because it was not as tasty as raved, the taste was blend and the price was x2 of Yat Lok. So I would visit Yat Lok again, but generally I think that you can find goose meat in most cha chan Teng that tastes the same for a reasonable price. Alvin & I usually go to this random cha chan Teng at Tsim Sha Tsui near espirt, and they serve good goose & char Siew too. Head to The Little Bao for dessert after that (number 2, it’s walking distance)

5.  Soi Lou Weng Hotpot Restaurant

3-4/F, 37C-37D Jordon Road, Jordon

Must try : Hotpot with Crab, Beef, Fishball with cheese inside (Choose a little spicy for Hotpot)

Alvin’s friend bought us here the previous time, I like it pretty much so I brought Patrick, Mel and Weizhong for dinner here.

We had three tier beef, ordered some fish balls. my favourite would be the fish ball with cheese inside! Slurps, it bursts in your mouth so becareful because it’s pipping hot.

6. Claypot (Click here) I have no idea what it reads

Shop 1, Wo Yick Mansion, 263 Queen’s Road West, Western District

Must try : Claypot rice whatever you fancy! I generally prefer chicken, so I got chicken claypot rice with Chinese sausage.

After eating claypot, you need to head to have dessert- see number 7 below, because it’s nearby.

7. Yuen Kee Dessert (Click here)

G/F, 32 Centre Street, Western District

Must try : Almond paste, Black sesame paste

I am not a fan of Ching chong Chinese dessert but this was really good. They are run by old folks so be careful to not get yelled at and they get really crowded later in evening. Sorry I didn’t take any picture because… just because I didn’t.

8. Tsui Wah

Any outlet is fine, they are all standard and have almost every where, just pick one near your hotel.

Must try : Breakfast set A (Bun, eggs, Macarooni, Tea or coffee)

My favourite breakfast food would be here, the eggs are so tasty even without any soy sauce. it is served in 2 Sunny side up eggs, 1 bun, 1 macarooni with sliced ham and mock abalone, and Ice milk tea. They have set B and C and also Fishball noodles is the other thing I would eat here.

9. Urban Bakery Works

Crossiont with Liu Sha (salted egg yolk custard)

At Jason’s super market at Hysan place, Causewaybay. They have other outlets like Central (click here)
Personally I like the crossiont more then the Liu Sha inside, and I like the Liu Sha Bao from Sun Hing better if I were to choose which Liu Sha tastes better, but it is a must try because it’s interesting!

10.  Kee Wah Bakery

Any outlet is fine!

Must try : Mango flavor egg roll

My favourite, I always eat at least 1 every trip, and will always always buy back a few. There’s one at the HK airport to stock up before you fly back.

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Just chillax in Hong Kong for a few days, our first stop today was wanton noodles at Chee Kei & Macau egg tarts from “Macau restaurant” just opposite the street at TST. the egg tart is so much better then the one famous at Excelsior hotel (Lord stow or smth like that) , those were hard and pretty dry the last time we had in March. 

Yummy! No other pictures as you can see I stuffed it into my mouth even before I took a picture. 


Meanwhile I been obsessed with LUV AJ accessories lately, like marble & pave & so many wearable rings & pretty earrings. They are all plated gold and made out of good material (not those that rust and turn your fingers green). 

Check out the new cross chain earrings & pave pointe hoops from their new collection – here

& this new label Ford & Harris I like so much (although they are new, I think their pieces are so timeless, exactly what I would pick for myself to wear)  I just placed our first order and I ordered Ronnie, Brian & Joey all in silver for myself. I first liked Joey because it reminds me very much of Chrome hearts, and I liked Brian because it has a lot of holes. But after I seen how Ronnie was being styled by Savina & Amanda (oraclefox) , I think it may actually be the staple and everyday favourite  ring I am going to wear. 

collection here :D

Ronnie in silver, styled by Oraclefox

picture left (Joey with the onyx cross) , right (Brian that looks like a mini armour) the cross necklaces n earrings are gorgeous as well but I am a more bracelet & ring person. whoop, can’t wait for them to arrive and style them with denim! 

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