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pic credits: missmarriedlady.com

“So honey, am I your soulmate?” Almost immediately I said, “No I don’t think so!” to defend myself as a not so needy, emotional, stereo-type girlfriend who thinks her boyfriend is her soulmate. As sweet and romantic it sounds that the boyfriend / fiance / husband is your one and only soulmate… I grew up pretty much having Mel as my best friend for 10 years. If anyone came close to a soulmate, I think it might be her. We don’t agree on everything, but we talk about everything and comfortable talking about nothing. Granted that I tell Alvin everything too, I think lets just put it that 10 years is more then 5. Maybe both of them are…? shrugs, I don’t really think about such things ever.

Then he asked, “Are you my soulmate?” I said, “I think Jimmy might be?” And then he pondered for the slightest while and went “Hmm yes, well too bad he’s not gay.” & We laughed so hard.

Jimmy is one of his closest closest friend since secondary school (I would call him the best friend but guys are usually not so particular about this) , NS buddies and also room mate in university for 3 years, they been through much gay times together in uni hostel/hall time. One time alvin showered and came out in underwear only, and Jimmy slapped his butt. Alvin said he felt kind of weird…  You get my drift? (On the side note, I find that a real man is not afraid to say that he likes/loves a friend dearly and not afraid to be teased about being gay.)

but really, he has a steady girlfriend for more then 10 years and now is his fiance. I hope he will never come across this, because its just going to be soooo awkward!

This is one of those really random things we talk about and forget really quickly later.


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Mel’s birthday was the day after Christmas. & from LAST YEAR  (again) we wanted to bring her to Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery to paint. She’s talented in art and that sort of stuff, but Yoges & me…. *shakes head*

So we were supposed to meet her for lunch at 1 but Yoges and I woke up late from Christmas Party the night before so we met abit later. We headed to center point to actually look for a walking pet. The idea came to me when I was walking around AMK hub with alvin and say the dog balloon.

I thought it was pretty funny & embarrasing if mel had to walk down Orchard road with it – and if you know her, she’s the type that would go “OMG WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!” Cus its just emabrrasing and childish, she wouldn’t caught dead doing this type of stuff.

So we asked the shop if they had, and the girl said they only left with DINOSAURS. HAHAHAH RIGHT SO we were quite excited, and said GREAT, THE UGLIER THE BETTER. we picked the T-REX cus it was ugly and green. It was deflated at first so we didn’t really know what to expect untill it got pumped with helium. Then we were like OH MY!!! ITS REALLY UGLY! So anyways, we got her some balloons too cuz she’s the type that likes balloons sort of thing, in case she hated T-REX. Yoges dragging T-red and Me with balloons.



Unfortunately, mel really liked T-REX. And named him also – see last picture of this post. So, we brought him to Cyrstal Jade at Paragon where were having lunch with her, and she got a shock like WHAT IS THAT, and laughed alot.



Looking apprehensively…






Then hug him…..


Then off to walk him down Orchard Road..


Carry him because we were doing down the escalator..


HEHEHEH T-REX very naughty, squirming – thats why his pic is blurred..






Next stop was Arteastiq. Anyway, we were like groaning about how we sucked at Art & stuff, but eventually we went. Knowing full well we sucked, we told mel that ok, lets do it and you have to hang our paintings in your room after that, as a gift from us and also too bad if its super ugly and it spoils your room, you have to look at it everyday forever. hehehe.



So mel’s one looked really difficult, but hers turned out the nicest cus she’s just talented that way. Mine was some aurora which i could not mix and get the colours i wanted so i ended up making it looked like the sky was on fire. Yoges was smarter, she picked a fixed shaped picture and started off really fine! Anyway, i think it looked really ok in the end but Yoges got her sleeves painted and stuff hahaha!





Here;s Mel with all her presents.



& Cake eventually:’)



He looked hungry, so I was feeding him ;D


Later we met her parents to pass them all the stuff before she headed to meet other friends for dinner, and I told her dad to help her hang out paintings on her wall. Her dad was like HMM OK I hang in the toilet. hahahah LOL. & I am sure her mom was pleased with the new addition to the family, George Chin.


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December is when two of my best friends birthdays are, very close to Christmas. Last year we didn’t get to spend it together but this year, was just fantastic.

Yoges birthday was first so let me dive straight into what we got for her. Last year her present was supposed to be a Brazilian wax at Strip, unfortunately, due to some unknown circumstances which i forgotten what – highly likely due to the fact she was scared or made up some lame excuse, we forgot, it wasn’t done. This year, Mel & I were much smarter. teeheehee.

Mel got her ballons which Yoges is SOOO AFRAID OF.



First we brought her to have lunch at P.S Cafe at Palaiss. I’m quite surprised at how good the food was! Except the service was mediocre, closed to “sucks” in layman terms, I told Yoges to just enjoy the food and ignore the bad service when we walked in. I heard many rumors about how bad the service was and how they “anyhow” charge customers. So anyway, a waiter who came up to us pointed at his “Mandarin Please” badge when we spoke in English. Yoges was shocked speechless. I was surprised too, granted that it was more of an “Ang Moh” place, not a chinese restaurant.


So here’s what we had. note, don’t order Ice Mint Tea or perhaps any ICED tea, they just taste like water.

truffle fries, spaghetti with meatballs and softshell crab sandwich. Sorry my pictures didn’t come out too well hahaha too hungry.




followed on, we broke the news of how we bought her Brazilian wax package last year and it expires 1 year from that date, which was exactly this date on her birthday. And that she had to go, if not it would be wasted. AND also, if she doesn’t claim her last year birthday present, it will roll over for the next 10 years until she uses it, in order for us to give her the REAL this year present.

IMG_3258 IMG_3256


teehee. Surprisingly she grudgingly agreed, so off we went to Strip Wheelock. Mel was so surprised when the therapist asked Yoges – are you ready? She said YES readily and went in.


Mel and I sat outside giggling when we heard some noises and then we wondered if she would run out half way, or kick/ harm the therapist in any possible way. (At the same time, we wrote her card, “Hope you had a memorable birthday and like your presents” and ended off with “FRIENDS FOREVER!” We were pretty sure she will never forget this.) After 20 mins or so, they were done! I quickly paid and see her walking out with a zombie-fied face. Mel & I? – happily laughing. Mel hugged her and say  SAYANG SAYANG Lets go have a cake to cheer you up. HAHA! Yoges tearfully said I HATE YOU ALL. Poor baby. We love you!!! And proud that you made it through!

Just for the record, we did not buy any package so it did not expire. It was the ONLY way we could trick convince her into it. We just made an appointment and paid on the spot after she was done. muahahah, i don’t think she realized it, and we did not tell her. She would only know if she’s reading this now.

She said the therapist lie to her when she asked if she could go and was it done? Therapist say yes yes almost done, and continued. It went on for a long time. hahaha!

Anyways, we whisked her off to Tiffany & Co, and got her to choose a necklace – her real present. She completely forgot about the ordeal Brazilian wax before. :’) At first she was undecided about the small double or big signature Return to Tiffany heart so we went off to Canele for her birthday cake first. Then came back later.



On the 2nd time, I remembered that Tiffany notes also had one, so i showed it to Yoges, and upon setting her eyes on it, she loved it ! Almost immediately, she decided it was the one! Picture credits to Tiffany & Co.


Nixon attended to us and we chose the engraving font etc. Nixon is from upstairs the diamond & wedding bands section and he attended to me before. I really like him because he takes time to advice you and get to know what your preferences are, most importantly he’s really patient. If you are looking for diamond & wedding bands, you can go to him. His name is pronounced as Nick-son, he’s got this funky hair do.

here’s yoges with her happy present.


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Finally it’s the weekend! although I had a day off for Zara sales,



I can’t start to explain how awful i felt physically, I was extremely beaten tired. woke up tired and also tired for the past week, like my body just felt crumbled and crumpled.

at sales I bought a reasonable amount, a skirt n a dress frm Zara and 1 skirt from stradivarious, I think I look abit fat but it’s such a nice dress and only $35! mom was the happiest! got her dress on $80 off! she nearly bought it before the sales, lucky she decided not to and waited- original $170.


met mel for lunch & tea, has been a long time. and played a fool in zara hahahah!



had a interesting night at gardens by the bay with alvin yesterday night, Jason Mraz concert. From what i can tell, he’s an environmentalist too. His pictures and videos flashed were ice melting with penguins, trees, etc.

Fave crowd winning songs were the old ones I’m yours, you & I , and the very famous Lucky- Corrine may came on stage and sang the duet with him. Her voice is incredibly low compared to Mraz’s. but very nice for bossa nova and I’m happy to hear her live too. new song- I Wont give up and another song which I don’t know the title! and another song im not sure if it’s new – living in the moment , goes like live life easy and breezy, have peace in your heart. It occurred to me, how serious i take life to be sometimes. Just let go, take it relaxed. Don’t take life too seriously and fill it with worries.

Mraz sings LIVE better then recorded on CD. and the sound system was SO clear and good. I’m very very impressed. I can’t be bothered to search who did the production ( unusual?) or whatever but very good! the shuttle services were prompt and frequent and there was gd marshaling of the crowd. very organized!

only there were kind of weird people behind us. at first they sat down, and a whole lot of people sitting at the “hills”. later four of them stood up. Granted that it’s a standing do whatever you want concert, they blocked everyone’s views and that wasn’t very nice. others who wanted to stand , stood at the sides or right in front of the stage. everyone at the hills sat and wanted to just relax. A lady came and request for them to sit but the guy brushed her off and say you have ur views and I have mine, this is a standing concert. Told her she could move to the front if she wanted. that really wasn’t very nice. but Im glad (and blessed) to be sitting in front of them so we didn’t need to get all annoyed and pissed. But they were really strange. From lying on the ground when the concert started to standing halfway, and sitting in between. Trying to be “free” like the western countries, no one stop them from dancing even but they forgot to be considerate ? well I don’t know, these people are the scariest, because they do seem well educated from the way they speak- then i wonder.

finally it’s Saturday and sleeping in LATE, determine to finish my BOOK which has been meaning to be read from last Sunday !! and plan to eat alot, listen to some sermons and get refreshed over the weekend.~~~


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headed to Antoinette at Scarlet hotel. Mel had their breakfast and I have smoked salmon (after yoges ate that time, im sold)




boy drove me to greenwood to get Lana cake :> and donated clothes to salvation army. yay for lesser things in my boxes now.


other random things

mom wrote a cheque for $4.14 to pay some credit card bill and ended up writing four hundred instead. Don’t ask what she bought with a credit card for $4.14. she’s cool like that. I did think she wrote the number wrongly instead of but words but nope!


and dad made me drink grass juice. Ugh


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congratsss yoges:)
for everything good that will come along with the start of a new beginning with the end of uni life.



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