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Finally took a leap of faith and launch this on Instagram and Facebook. sometimes we feel scared, fear, but to just go ahead and do it, I think it’s half conquered. I felt afraid and thoughts jumbled, too many things unsettled, everything is not perfect yet, but in the end i realized that its the heart behind this. When you’re sincere, customers can feel it and they will come back, other things doesnt need to be perfectly professional looking. And things can always be changed and tweaked for the better as it comes by.

I also realized the joy of selling something, it really came to me when I met a very nice girl who bought over my chanel wallet. I felt elated and thought back about what alvin said that I see the magic of selling something that someone wanted. From selling Korean Cds and stuff during my fandom for Shinhwa time, to selling Victoria Secrets Bags on a blog, and other random stuff on eBay, I always loved selling something but never bold enough to tell my friends. The only ones who knew where my immediate family, alvin mom dad and hannah, they constantly see me wrapping and packing bags and heading to the post office with dad’s car. haha. I guess i felt abit embarrassed to tell friends about what I do as a hobby and afraid of what they thought of me. How do you say my hobby is selling stuff? now that I looked back, I don’t see that there was anything to be afraid of letting friends know. Guess it’s all the mind.

I hope embarking on this business, it will be successful :’) although not easy, rejections and fear are the two things that I feel the most, I think I’ll take it one step by the time and i hope the road ahead will be a fulfilling one.

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Shop with me ! Email to order : JustTangy@gmail.com



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Setting up my own business is no easy feat. I scouted around for a domain, and glad to found a promo code which saved me $9! haha. And then finally got on with picking a store name, which has a dot com available and not registered as a business in Singapore. So… that was what I have been up to this week. Officially, I own a small business now :’) And I am happy to announce  my website  – www.JustTangy.com

It is not opened yet as I am still working on categorizing my products! I am carrying my first brand CC SKYE, a USA designer accessories brand which is not available in Singapore. Thank you CC SKYE for allow me to carrying your brand. I am sooo excited as I have been a fan of the NEON YELLOW SCREW BRACELET! I own one, and I am so proud of it. Well, even Lindsay Lohan, Emma Roberts wear them too. Other colours have been seen on Blair/Leighton – Gossip Girl, Kim Kada, Hilary Duff.


Its gorgeous and eye popping. You can get it at my site once its up and ready for the same price and without crazy shipping price from US to SG. You definitely save a whole lot plus I am definitely going to have one of those DISCOUNT 10% OFF STORE OPENING! :’)

I hope to bring in a few more brands which are not readily available in Singapore. Honestly it is quite a tough feat, I got two rejections. After the 1st one, I got over it and I thought I should learn from keeping in mind that they could say no. However, when the 2nd one happened, I still took it quite hard. Just moping around the house all day, wondering what I could do to change their mind.

After a supper desert with mom and hannah, and telling them that “I am so sad” about it, we had a good bonding time over banana split waffle and chocolate granita at Max Brenners, I feel much better, and believing perhaps in the future, they will approach me instead. :’) God open doors at the right time always – that I must believe.

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