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I always wanted to write about some entrepreneur books that are helpful to me, currently I just picked up Big Magic by the same author who wrote Eat Pray Love. I forgot if I ever read it and even if I did, I forgot the contents. I actually wrote Play instead of Pray initially (you can see what I have been thinking about) 

The author is Elizabeth Gilbert, and I am on just the first few chapter. It affirms that we can be creative ourselves.. and we can find things that bring us joy in doing, something which resonates with us. She wrote that we don’t have to quit our job, move across the world to do that. And also in the current chapter I am reading, she affirms that we don’t need a degree to be “legit” in the field we want to be, as long as we work at our craft everyday diligently, we are already for real. I think a lot of us feel that when we want to embark on something new, we always pull ourselves back and say but I don’t have experience or i have no degree / cert to prove. Maybe maybe just perhaps we may not even need that. 


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I am just reading this article on productivity and this may help you! I do have days where after I finish one task, I feel good but at the same time, I have a ton of other things to do but I don’t feel like it. In that short moment, instead of feeling happy that I finished one task, I feel guilty that I did not do the others. However, this helped me to put things into perspective, one cannot always strive to do many things and work many hours, can we?

I gathered this two points that jumped up to me.
1. Knowing when to quit for the day is key. “You’ve got to be a person and do other stuff, or you’re not going to be inspired,”
2. “A friend told me, ‘Don’t tell yourself you’re going to write for six hours. Tell yourself you’re going to write for an hour.’ If you really focus and write for an hour, that’s a lot.”
Article : The importance of not being a crazy workaholic

So when I focus and finish that task, I should take a break and rest, knowing that I am done, and work on something else, not necessarily being extremely obsessed with finishing up an endless To-Do list.

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Spiraling into negativity and defeatism for the last few months. I realized that all I think about is the bad stuff, but not the good stuff – what I have. I often think about what I don’t have. I suddenly got jolt out of it when I read one advice article from Jack Ma.

The part on complains striked me hard.

On complaints

1. Nothing terrible will happen if you occasionally allow yourself to complain.

2. Falling into depression and constantly complaining about the state of your life is no less destructive than alcoholism. It’s the same dangerous situation: the more you do it, the worse it gets. Successful people don’t have these kind of problems.

To be successful, stop complaining, stop the negativity because it is destructive.

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I went to “passion unleashed” session (their fb page) with Vivien a few weeks back and also caught up abit on what’s been going on with her. I take heart that we have each other to talk to and she would look for me when she needs someone to talk to as well. Although we run different types business, the fundamentals are the same – values, doubts, relationships, fear, some really bad days where we need encouragement, some good days where we feel like we can take on the world, people, etc.

There was so many take away-s from the sessions especially by Claire Chiang – founder of Banyan Tree and Chatri – Founder of Evolve MMA.

I am going to summarize them into pointers, and break them up into two parts. Here’s the first 5, part I.


1. Passion won’t suffice, but passion with work and commitment. As long as you don’t give up and have an unwavering commitment to what you are doing, success will come. Look around and all the successful people didn’t do it overnight but over years and years, ten years the very least, for most. It is something I am still learning – to be patient. Because we were always thought to be quick, fast, instant and impatient.

2. Doing something different, stepping out & taking the risk. Both shared that it doesn’t matter whether u reach the end and whether u succeed. As long as you done something different, try different from your usual routine. I sometimes feel that this is very hard to achieve, first taking the risk and not knowing the outcome, and being ok if we fail, honestly no one is ever ok having being failed, there were many disappointments along the way but I learnt how to get over them and get over them quicker now.

3. Anything that fails doesn’t end there but it opens up other opportunities. What you can do is live through it well, and learn through experimentation and trials. Being on my own isn’t easy because all the decisions I make, I have to sit through them and take it even if it was not the best choice. But I take heart that there will always be open doors when one closes. And everything is a learning experience.

4. Have moments to take time to pause and think, to redesign and think what is your life about. There is always time to scale your business, but remember to take time to reflect as there is a momentarily moment that is life changing.

5. Everyone has good n bad days. The defining moments are when you are getting crushed by the world, but don’t listen to your fears doubts and insecurities.

Last but not least, Claire shared that life is daily wins and daily losses. Hope that this helps you even if you are not a business owner, it is relevent for our work/jobs/career and also on our life.

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“It takes time to build your name, to have people recognize your company and your brand. I definitely think that the jewelry is recognizable – I think that when you look at it, you can tell it’s Reservoir 4 jewelry. So, if I had any advice new business owners, it would be definitely to keep at it. Try to make it more of a long-term thing – give it time to build naturally, and keep trying to do the best you can and keep coming up with new ideas for getting your brand name out there. Just keep at it – and I think that, for me, it’s been the most important thing, to just keep at it, to persevere, not to give up. “
Read this off an article which interviewed Reservoir 4 jewelry. Posted this because I would like to remember the points she mentioned! :)

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Setting up my own business is no easy feat. I scouted around for a domain, and glad to found a promo code which saved me $9! haha. And then finally got on with picking a store name, which has a dot com available and not registered as a business in Singapore. So… that was what I have been up to this week. Officially, I own a small business now :’) And I am happy to announce  my website  – www.JustTangy.com

It is not opened yet as I am still working on categorizing my products! I am carrying my first brand CC SKYE, a USA designer accessories brand which is not available in Singapore. Thank you CC SKYE for allow me to carrying your brand. I am sooo excited as I have been a fan of the NEON YELLOW SCREW BRACELET! I own one, and I am so proud of it. Well, even Lindsay Lohan, Emma Roberts wear them too. Other colours have been seen on Blair/Leighton – Gossip Girl, Kim Kada, Hilary Duff.


Its gorgeous and eye popping. You can get it at my site once its up and ready for the same price and without crazy shipping price from US to SG. You definitely save a whole lot plus I am definitely going to have one of those DISCOUNT 10% OFF STORE OPENING! :’)

I hope to bring in a few more brands which are not readily available in Singapore. Honestly it is quite a tough feat, I got two rejections. After the 1st one, I got over it and I thought I should learn from keeping in mind that they could say no. However, when the 2nd one happened, I still took it quite hard. Just moping around the house all day, wondering what I could do to change their mind.

After a supper desert with mom and hannah, and telling them that “I am so sad” about it, we had a good bonding time over banana split waffle and chocolate granita at Max Brenners, I feel much better, and believing perhaps in the future, they will approach me instead. :’) God open doors at the right time always – that I must believe.

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This is a friend since Junior College… 17? Yes.. now I am 26. So I have known him for nearly 10 years?!
Well, he moved to Australia after Junior College, and recently we skyped and I found out more about what he was doing… He IS an Entrepreneur too. & he is one of those who I think knows where he wants to head to, and what he wants, and actually does something about it. :’)

Told me he moved into a new domain blog yesterday, so here you go, those who are interested in Entrepreneur-ial and Technopreneur-ial. He blogged about what he did, a small but big step to achieve his dreams. And of course, the struggles and the joys. I think this post is helpful for those who have a day job that they like but finding it a little lack lustre, and hope/want to do something on their own with financial security. Read more about what he did specifically in this post here , and his blog http://dinethmendis.com/

“When the right time comes, I hope you’ll decide to take on all kinds of adventures in your life too. Not just your professional life but your personal life as well. Don’t feel bound by what you have now. ” Quoted from his blog

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