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I watched in awe at the news when they showed the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s square, Vatican City, waiting for the announcement of the new pope.

Sistine Chapel is EXACTLY how it looks like, and I was amazed because I didn’t know they still used it as a sacred holy place! We were there, INSIDE last Summer and I am just in awe that I HAVE BEEN THERE! No photos are allowed inside as copy rights and photo rights has been bought over and paid by a company, I forgot was UK or Japan news cast or something. (Got to ask alvin for this type of info, I’m usually just a bimbo doing the WOW! part. haha)  *EDIT* Thanks to von yap who told me that Nippon sponsored the restoration so Japan news has all the rights ~

We bought posters of the ceiling and well are going to put it up at our new house in the future. :’)

If you haven’t been there, and always wanted to, what are you waiting for? And if you’re heading to Europe, do a roam (rome) and visit Vatican City. Enjoy!

sistine chapel

credits to google image for picture.


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Fell in Love with Paris

I’m not sure why or what this time after the Europe Trip in August.. It was different from the last time I was there. It felt like 3 days was not enough, we didn’t manage to museums etc, didn’t manage to shop much, we went to their cafes, ate their croissants. It so clique I know, that Paris – the city of love. Trust me, I didn’t feel so romantic with Alvin when I was there, its all too commercialized now. But I think this round I fell for Paris, herself. (The last time I fell for London and I had always wished to go back.)

A place is never a place without the people. They are just buildings and structures. The people we met were magnifique. We had such deep and thought provoking discussions with Sophie – our host. She educated us on so many things about life, work, music, art. At night she listens to some music, enjoy a plain yogurt with sugar, read a book, educate herself. This is something in Singapore we hardly do, all day we are rushing, working, complaining, we forget to stop and smell the roses. & like many others were surprised when I said I kind of like Paris this time. Well, I was surprised myself. Their first impression was, aren’t french people arrogant rude and stuck up? Me too, I thought so too. But people can be surprising. I think they were before, but they eventually realized they could and would not be up to par with the world when English and Mandarin was the dominating language, so they started opening up themselves, learning English, learning about other cultures, etc. I thought it is a rather humbling experience for them.

Mostly, I think I fell in love with the French people, how they think, the way they open up their minds and accepted that they had to do something and they did, their outlook in life. There’s matthieu and pierre whom I met in Singapore at a workshop, they are so sweet, friendly, passionate, they work hard (Masters and Phd) and they know how to play hard. Something we should learn from the French is to learn how to play hard. Matthieu often invites me to his home parties, Pierre mentioned the wedding dinner he went to was boring, they didn’t have an after party?!

We often coop ourselves in just working working working, we forget to step out and let ourselves enjoy. & the French are passionate about everything from of course love to work to life. And thats something I feel that I could learn from. Being Passionate about Life.

& I have never been a fan of French Language but something in me just felt like taking up the language. So here I am, I went to sign up & I will at least be able to speak a smuttering of French the next time we go to Paris. :’)

& we might do our pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris too.

Au Revoir!

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Musée du Louvre - Paris

Holding hands watching the sky go twilight, streaming orange red and stunning myriad of colors across the sky behind Musée du Louvre in Paris, if its not romantic, what is it?

(taken by sarahfied, with an iphone 4S. credit me if you use my picture :) )

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Dreamy Blues Ligurian Sea

The bluest shade of the Ligurian Sea, looking out from Cinque Terre – Vernazza.

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last night London

tonight is the last night in London, and we managed to find the time to watch wicked (the Musical). It was a MUST to watch at least ONE musical. sadly if given the time, we would watch warhorse too – because alvin likes the war and animals stuff. It’s funny how it sets in, the reality that we are ending our holiday but more of; going back to Singapore. for him only now, and for me, I have been feeling it since the beginning of the stay in London. Somehow the feeling of going back to Singapore doesn’t feel so great because it’s been great in London.

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its the last night in florence now, and it’s been a wonderful stay at the host place. it’s one of the most comfortable places we stayed so far and the restaurant food (il brinchello- a trip advisor recommended, and our host recommended place) has been amazing. we even got a discount on the 2nd time we dine there. we asked our host if this was normal, he said strange! he never had discount before. ah, blessed) I love the tiramisu although friends have said the best would be at Rome (our next stop). our host is around our age and it’s been an eye opener talking to him about life in florence. quite very different from Singapore, perspectives and people are very open minded here, also very eager to learn english and “value add” themselves constantly, as well as pursueing their passion beside just their job.


this is a view frm the Ponte Vecchio bridge at florence .& I bought a “painting” finally along the river.


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been on the trip to Paris, Milan and I’m now in Venice. meeting new people in my stay places, friendly people on the way to the cities, talking to them, learning about how life is like different from what i only know. although its been tiring carrying a huge bag everywhere, I’ll choose to just visit one place next time with a drag luggage.




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