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Setting up my own business is no easy feat. I scouted around for a domain, and glad to found a promo code which saved me $9! haha. And then finally got on with picking a store name, which has a dot com available and not registered as a business in Singapore. So… that was what I have been up to this week. Officially, I own a small business now :’) And I am happy to announce  my website  – www.JustTangy.com

It is not opened yet as I am still working on categorizing my products! I am carrying my first brand CC SKYE, a USA designer accessories brand which is not available in Singapore. Thank you CC SKYE for allow me to carrying your brand. I am sooo excited as I have been a fan of the NEON YELLOW SCREW BRACELET! I own one, and I am so proud of it. Well, even Lindsay Lohan, Emma Roberts wear them too. Other colours have been seen on Blair/Leighton – Gossip Girl, Kim Kada, Hilary Duff.


Its gorgeous and eye popping. You can get it at my site once its up and ready for the same price and without crazy shipping price from US to SG. You definitely save a whole lot plus I am definitely going to have one of those DISCOUNT 10% OFF STORE OPENING! :’)

I hope to bring in a few more brands which are not readily available in Singapore. Honestly it is quite a tough feat, I got two rejections. After the 1st one, I got over it and I thought I should learn from keeping in mind that they could say no. However, when the 2nd one happened, I still took it quite hard. Just moping around the house all day, wondering what I could do to change their mind.

After a supper desert with mom and hannah, and telling them that “I am so sad” about it, we had a good bonding time over banana split waffle and chocolate granita at Max Brenners, I feel much better, and believing perhaps in the future, they will approach me instead. :’) God open doors at the right time always – that I must believe.


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This is a friend since Junior College… 17? Yes.. now I am 26. So I have known him for nearly 10 years?!
Well, he moved to Australia after Junior College, and recently we skyped and I found out more about what he was doing… He IS an Entrepreneur too. & he is one of those who I think knows where he wants to head to, and what he wants, and actually does something about it. :’)

Told me he moved into a new domain blog yesterday, so here you go, those who are interested in Entrepreneur-ial and Technopreneur-ial. He blogged about what he did, a small but big step to achieve his dreams. And of course, the struggles and the joys. I think this post is helpful for those who have a day job that they like but finding it a little lack lustre, and hope/want to do something on their own with financial security. Read more about what he did specifically in this post here , and his blog http://dinethmendis.com/

“When the right time comes, I hope you’ll decide to take on all kinds of adventures in your life too. Not just your professional life but your personal life as well. Don’t feel bound by what you have now. ” Quoted from his blog

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weird question to have but…. if you had “always wanted to do so and so and so” then why do you wait? why are you not doing it?

this is quite a bimbo thing – I wanted to dye my hair just suddenly a few days ago. I am never a fan of dye-ing hair cus you know rebonding is already a pain in the ass but recently I see that I look so plain so olde’ sarah. like I am not sure why people dye their hair. but for me, having this hair style forever it gets dull, I would like a different look. Not exactly sure if its vanity or …?

Apart from that, it made me think seriously, why and what am I waiting for? I meant also for not only this but for all aspects of life.. what are u waiting for….? for the improvement of self, living a happier life, and loving yourself… starting a business, chasing a dream, pursuing a hobby/passion, why do you wait to get started? and why do you care what people say?

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Fell in Love with Paris

I’m not sure why or what this time after the Europe Trip in August.. It was different from the last time I was there. It felt like 3 days was not enough, we didn’t manage to museums etc, didn’t manage to shop much, we went to their cafes, ate their croissants. It so clique I know, that Paris – the city of love. Trust me, I didn’t feel so romantic with Alvin when I was there, its all too commercialized now. But I think this round I fell for Paris, herself. (The last time I fell for London and I had always wished to go back.)

A place is never a place without the people. They are just buildings and structures. The people we met were magnifique. We had such deep and thought provoking discussions with Sophie – our host. She educated us on so many things about life, work, music, art. At night she listens to some music, enjoy a plain yogurt with sugar, read a book, educate herself. This is something in Singapore we hardly do, all day we are rushing, working, complaining, we forget to stop and smell the roses. & like many others were surprised when I said I kind of like Paris this time. Well, I was surprised myself. Their first impression was, aren’t french people arrogant rude and stuck up? Me too, I thought so too. But people can be surprising. I think they were before, but they eventually realized they could and would not be up to par with the world when English and Mandarin was the dominating language, so they started opening up themselves, learning English, learning about other cultures, etc. I thought it is a rather humbling experience for them.

Mostly, I think I fell in love with the French people, how they think, the way they open up their minds and accepted that they had to do something and they did, their outlook in life. There’s matthieu and pierre whom I met in Singapore at a workshop, they are so sweet, friendly, passionate, they work hard (Masters and Phd) and they know how to play hard. Something we should learn from the French is to learn how to play hard. Matthieu often invites me to his home parties, Pierre mentioned the wedding dinner he went to was boring, they didn’t have an after party?!

We often coop ourselves in just working working working, we forget to step out and let ourselves enjoy. & the French are passionate about everything from of course love to work to life. And thats something I feel that I could learn from. Being Passionate about Life.

& I have never been a fan of French Language but something in me just felt like taking up the language. So here I am, I went to sign up & I will at least be able to speak a smuttering of French the next time we go to Paris. :’)

& we might do our pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris too.

Au Revoir!

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