Sunday, a good day

Today, after church service i went to Vivo to shop for some things i really needed to get, and had lunch there as well. After lunch, my mum came to accompany me and we walked around for quite long and ate dinner together. I wasn’t expecting her to come but she said she didn’t have … More Sunday, a good day

Yoges’s birthday – Don’t cry while getting waxed

December is when two of my best friends birthdays are, very close to Christmas. Last year we didn’t get to spend it together but this year, was just fantastic. Yoges birthday was first so let me dive straight into what we got for her. Last year her present was supposed to be a Brazilian wax … More Yoges’s birthday – Don’t cry while getting waxed

be refreshed

Finally it’s the weekend! although I had a day off for Zara sales, I can’t start to explain how awful i felt physically, I was extremely beaten tired. woke up tired and also tired for the past week, like my body just felt crumbled and crumpled. at sales I bought a reasonable amount, a skirt … More be refreshed