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Me: “Yes.”

After accepting the ring, and its sitting prettily on my finger…

Me: “I’ll think about it while wearing the ring.” Gleeful grin :p

Him: “…..” sad face


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5 years, and 7 days together and we are officially engaged on 31 Dec 2012, New Year Eve of 2013 ! :’) The end of our “relationship” and the beginning of our “engagement”.

It has been less then a month, but I am feeling more comfortable to share about it now. I told my family, best friends and closest friends personally and then we will “annouce” it on facebook later this month.

We met in university, & have been together since 24th December 2007.


I don’t have the pictures taken by the photographer yet, I think there’s a video also (i will be so embarrassed) but here’s just what I have from my phone :) He proposed at Keppel Bay on New Year Eve of 2013, when we were waiting for the fire works for 2013 countdown.


He literally dragged me to a pavillion shelter which I intially thought – why! what! There are people using that place! I saw a family was picnic-ing there waiting for the fireworks and countdown, and there was a mat and kind of hammock or something. But actually he had prepared the place to propose, and I only realized after I saw was a bouquet of flowers just lying there.

I was shocked, because he was very very busy with work in the whole of December and he could never really successfully surprise me properly in the 5 years that we were together! He’s not very good with hiding things which is something I appreciate because I dislike surprises too. For him to pull this off, it was.. something. & I had thought it would be later in 2013/14.

He remembers I love light sticks and sparklers… :’) The red light stick in the middle is a heart shape but in the picture is blocked by the portable projector he bought.


A banner to project the video he made and played for me to watch before he asked.. Pictures and things we did for the past 5 years together. We looked so young back then! & this picture is from one of sentosa beach date from the 1st year we got together. From the video, I realized 5 years being together, passed so quickly. And we been through many things together, exams, hall life, holidays, graduation, our first jobs, family events.




Here’s happy and sleepy eyes me. Pardon, because it was past midnight after we took some pictures with the beautiful dusk red sky backdrop at Keppel Bay. The sky was gorgeous mainly because it rained the whole night, thankful to God for that. Alvin told me that he prayed and told God that it was ok to rain but it had stop around midnight for him to propose. hahaha!

& after he did, a crowd of people were standing around and clapping, gasp. the first thought that crossed my mind was oh my goodness, are those my friends?! Thankfully not, I was still in a state of shock & was so embarrassed too. two of his friends popped out of nowhere. I was ?? They helped him with props and taking photographs/videos stealthily! I didn’t even notice that they were there. They said they thought i saw them from the start because i looked in their direction and they panicked trying to hide somewhere. that was funny because it was so dark, I couldnt see anyone faces and I have abit of night blindness.


& I know girls like to show off their rock. Here’s mine, and I love it alot! :) The T&C lady who attended to alvin when he bought it, told me that he took a long time deciding, when we went to get it resized. I was happy upon hearing that, it means it was something he truly ponder and take time to see if it suited me, if I liked it etc.

In early 2012, a few of his good friends were buying engagement rings for their girlfriends & proposing, had brought him along to “educate” him. He often told me that he thought the designs were strange, at Sookee & somewhere else I forgot. I told him that Tiffany’s was the design I really liked, I sent him a picture and he went off to Tiffany to look and chose everything by himself. :))

One day after he went to Tiffany, and like always – he can never hide anything from me! He actually texted me to tell me that it is perfect, he loves it! and the first thing that entered his mind when he saw Tiffany’s engagement ring was THIS IS THE ENGAGEMENT RING HE ALWAYS HAD IMAGINED IT TO BE, BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT TO PROPOSE WITH. How thrilled I was to hear that. I have heard many people, guys liking or thinking the gf likes a particular design and after buying & proposing, the girl doesn’t like it – having to change in the end.

So this engagement ring is one we both love together, & it made it more meaningful this way.



How big, how much etc, some have asked. I think that’s personal, and not important to anyone else but the couple. I strongly believe that every girl’s hand is different, and every preference is different. How big? Its the perfect size for my hand & its big enough for me :’) It definitely is heavy on my finger. I am more than happy with it. The most important thing is that you and your fiance love the ring, because both of us love it. If you’re still wondering, its from – Tiffany & Co, The Tiffany Setting.

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