Email: sarahtangjx@gmail.com
@Instagram: sarahfied

I am…

Sarah. And you chanced upon my personal blog where I write about myself, my life, my thoughts.


I founded www.justtangy.com / @justtangystore in 2013-2019. I curated and brought unique and interesting jewelry and watch designer brands to Singapore. This multi-label eCommerce was built out of passion and interest of business trading and an special eye to spot beautiful designs and allow people to own unique pieces.

My love for bringing hard to find stuff/not easily available in Singapore started almost 15 years ago as a hobby. I started on forums, blog and even dabbled in Ebay (I am proud to say I have 500+ reviews and a purple star).

After graduating, I worked in the transport industry for 4+ years before going full time into business.

My long term life goal is to own create and own multiple businesses and to experience living life in another city for a short period of time.

My other half..

I am married to Alvin, you will see his unglam photos in many photos. We were together for 7 years, before getting married in 2014 Dec. Now we can annoy each other forever.  People who know us might think we are a strange and weird couple, but I would like to think that they find us comfy, down to earth and fun to be with.


I like..

Being comfortable, means I love wearing casual clothes. You won’t catch me wearing formal shirt and blazers. I live in tees, shorts and slippers. I like sleep and I need lots of rest even though I may be a people’s person, I like meeting new people and getting to know about their lives. When we travel, we love to stay in airbnb and chat with our hosts to find out more about them and the life in other citites/countries. I am very predictable for food, I like going to the same places to eat the same thing all the time.


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